Bryan-Michael Cox

It’s easy to miss the unassuming presence of a new love song especially amidst the post-crunk newly synthesized era that’s been sonically florescent for the past five years. Love is a sound typically taken for granted yet melodies such as Usher’s “Burn”, “Confessions” and “You Got It Bad” or Mary J Blige’s record breaking smash “Be Without You” somehow managed to remain securely unbothered in the number one spot. Unmistakably rooted in R&B, and soul music often with Jazz extensions, eight-time Grammy winning Producer and Songwriter Bryan-Michael Cox is appropriately named one of Billboard’s “Top 10 Producers of the Decade” and sits on Billboard’s “Hot R&B Song of the Decade List”, “Hot 100 Songs of the Decade List”, “Top 200 Albums of the Decade List” and is a 2009 Georgia Music Hall of Fame inductee.

Cox is a consistent team player who began his career as an intern at Noontime Records in Atlanta, Georgia. He then went on to co-produce as Jermaine Dupri’s wingman and finally garnered numbers on his own that quickly established Bryan as a league MVP. Yet, when there is discussion of great music producers, in spite of having landed 25 number one hits, 12 Grammy Award Nominations including eight wins, 20 top ten hits and eclipsing the record previously held by the Beatles for Billboard’s most consecutive number one hits.

Bryan’s genetic fervor for music dates back to his mother’s love for all styles of music. And her own passion as an instrumentalist. Bryan’s mother played the flute. Unbeknownst to Pamela Cox, with the birth of Bryan, her dreams would only be temporarily deferred. “My mom would buy music instead of food when I was little. We would spend her entire paycheck at the record store.” Bryan-Michael (his given first name) would express his musical ambitions to his mother by the time he was 7 years old thereby allowing enough time to prepare him for his eventual enrollment in Houston’s High School for the Performing Arts.

While at the High School for the Performing Arts, Bryan would literally have a date with Destiny, when he met a Freshman during his Senior year named Beyonce’ Knowles. “The first demo tape that I ever did was with Beyonce,” reminisces Bryan. Although the two wouldn’t reconnect until nearly 7 years later when Bryan produced a track on Destiny’s Child’s Survivor Album it was the early confirmation from Matthew Knowles that prompted Bryan to blaze his tuneful path.

“Back then there was three choices if you wanted to be in the music industry, live in New York, LA, or Atlanta. I enrolled in Clark Atlanta University because although my Mom supported my dreams one hundred percent I had to go to college, so I chose Clark because I was just trying to get to Atlanta.” Aptly branded “Black Hollywood” in the late nineties Atlanta was home to LaFace records whose roster read like a music industry walk of fame.

Twelve years later, with dozens of music productions to his credit including explosive hits like Mariah Carey’s ‘Shake It Off” and “Don’t Forget About Us” along with youthful ballads like Chris Brown’s “Say Goodbye” and simultaneous releases by Usher, Mary J Blige, Keyshia Cole, Trey Songz, Day 26, Justin Bieber and Monica, his image has remained that of a southern gentleman with urban sophistication, a subdued soulfulness and unparalleled talent. Many are often surprised that the 33 year-old has received such accolades and honors so early in life. Launching his professional career in 1998, Cox has watched the recording industry change over the years.  As a relentless businessman, leading producer, artist, and renowned songwriter Bryan-Michael Cox continues to exceed his personal best.


47 thoughts on “Bryan-Michael Cox

  1. Was Up Mr Cox Im a young up and coming music producer and I am intrested in becoming one best producer in time I listen to all kinds of music from rnb,jazz,classical,hip hop ect….There are alot of producer out here and u are the only dat have a unique sound to u but i kno u live and die by the molody.. I play alot of dam instruments piano, drums, guitar, bass guitar,ect….. The talent his here im so confident in my sound its people like u who keep me on my toes i learn alot from u cox im a lifer for life all im askin is for u to atleast check out my stuff let me kno wut think or even give me a shout out on one the livin the life clips dat u makin…. ur truly
    Kid Exclusive!!!!!!!!
    ps the talent is here I repeat the talent is here!!!!!!!!

  2. Yo Bryan, man you are a talented person. I envy your talent, in a good way though. Keep up the good work. its good to see young black people doing good things. Hopefully I can be one of the Oceans one day. Peace out homie

  3. i deff. got mad love for you. u are one talented man. keep doing what u doing.
    i have a question if you can reply it’ll be great. im going to college, studying business but i really love music and am very interested in the music business especially production, the problem i have is, i dont know where to start. i want to learn about music production but it seems like theres no way. it either u know it or dont. so please give me any advice u have. thank u.

  4. Hey B.Cox any chance Mariah Carey will be singing in her “power voice” for the new record? Like she did back in the day?

  5. I admire your accomplishments in the music industry. It reassures me that reaching your dreams is never impossible. You are the epitome of musical excellence!

  6. Hey Bryan,

    I see you showcase music from your friends and other artists – is it possible to get you to post RL’s new mixtape? please lol! Not sure if you’ve heard it, but my Bro got some HEAT on it. He has a lot of new things going on and the world should know. I’m aware you guys work together at times, so I thought I’d reach out and see if it were possible.

    I did a review last week. The Mixtape link can be found there

    Thanks again for your assistance 🙂 Bertell can vouch for me, I’m niceeeeee 🙂 lol


  7. B whats good this ya boy chino aka chad.. Im out here grinding! i might be in atl for the whole summer trying to get my network up ya feel me.. Holla at your boy I been cooking up that hot shit with Ta.. My consultant talk to eddie over there wit SO SO DEF he sent some of my music over there.. eddie said he liked it so he wanted to hear more from me. put in a word for your boy.. I know im serious about my carreer and my work ethic is crazy.. much love

  8. what up B? It’s Drun, man i have’nt talk to you boyz in a minute. I hope everything is good with you and the fellas.

  9. Hey Brian,
    I pray all is well with you and yours. My main objective in writing you is to ask……Would you be looking for any interns for the studio in ATL. My son currently attends Art Institute of Atlanta. If you could send me an email address or some way I can foward you some of his music for you to check out, I would greatly appreciate it. I know you are very busy so I’ll keep it short, but to the point. Thanks again!!!!!


  10. Hey what’s up! Keep doing what you do and stay blessed!

    Also, I have my 4th novel coming out later this year and wanted to know if you would do me the honor of giving me a review/blurb for it. Let me know 🙂


  11. Long time….. haven’t spoke to k in awhile,but have good memories of all of us hangin.all is well. Married now to Jerry.
    hope u are happy. Luv D atl

  12. Long time….. haven’t spoke to k in awhile,but have good memories of all of us hangin.all is well. Married now to Jerry. Still at salon in buckhead.
    hope u are happy. Luv D atl

  13. hello,
    you don’t know me, hopefully in the near future we will meet…i just wanted to tell you that i live for music. i sing and rap. well i write at the moment. but i just wanted you to just take a listen to me and understand where im coming from. please email me or write me back please…oppurtunities always start with a trying soul. i wanna make it!

  14. Mr. Cox, how are you sir? It’s Vincent Invincible Watson reaching out…I sent you that balled and mid-tempo tracks last month…Anyways, I shot you a message to the email address that you told me I could reach you at. Hopefully you’ve gotten the message, but have been tied up with business…I was trying to submit to you some “full songs” like you were mentioning to me, because “this is a business of selling songs, not just tracks” 😉 Hope to hear back from you again soon. Thanks

    Vince Invincible Watson

  15. I just won’ting you to hear my girls I know you hear this all the time but I know I have some winner you will get a chance to see them because they are on their way to the top we will see you up there but you gave me your phone number which was wrong thank be lookin for them mom

  16. Hi bcox I am a young talented singer who is looking to get out the I have been singing since I was 4 and has been playing the violin since I was 5 I really love music I am from Houston tx and I would appreciate it if you set up a meeting or conference to hear me sing if you have any questions you can reach me at my email address thankyou

  17. What’s up B. Cox I just spoke to your mother man on Wednesday, July 14 afternoon. She told to tell you she kidnapped me haha, but naw she is cool and we had a good conversation for about 30 minutes plus. I didn’t know how to contact you except through your blog as she told me to since you on the road at the current time, but if you can contact me back.

  18. Dear Mr. Cox,
    I just watched an episode of black men revealed and it was too funny. I admire your humility and that your sure about what your looking for. But anyway I love your music and pray that you continue to prosper where your heart is. Btw my fav song is “stingy”

  19. What up Bryan just reaching out man… yo your musical talent is beyond words and just want to say keep doing what your doing cause you inspire me to do the same..i wrote a song it was submitted on feb 8th to blazetrak look forward to hearing your Thoughts on it.

  20. So often writers are singers or are producers. I’m trying to make the transition from pen and pad to industry’s interpretation of writer. Outside of karaoke night I don’t think I would shine as singer. I know people say they are the best at something. I know I’m close (doesn’t sound humble but no one has told me different) but I guess the tech side is where my focus will be next. I know pen and pad I can outdo anybody I’ve come across.

  21. so cox. how do u feel about being one of the best in the game having to do your music and stay fresh and with the times while having to deal with the ups and downs and the woes of the knowing that when you meet people they may expect or want you to put them on?

  22. Bryan,

    I met you at the Apple panel you conducted. Great panel and good advice! I handed you my demo (the Indian artist) and was wondering if there was an appropriate way to follow up with you and get your feedback… Look forward to hearing from you.

    Vijay Raju

  23. Hey Bryan,

    We’re only writing because we have not been able to find out who handles publicity for you. We are interested in featuring you as a part of our Writers/Producers Appreciation month in November and would like to know who we should contact about setting you up to be featured?

    We have a number of top Grammy winners and nominees lined up and felt the whole thing wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t feature B Cox.

    We are ranked by Google among the Top 4 online entertainment magazines online and Top 3 in Atlanta. We have over 142,000 readers to our print + digital magazine and you can view the current digital issue at

    Feel free to contact our Editor at to get it all set up.

    Thanks again B Cox.

  24. Wad up Mr. Cox. I always keep up with your work and new music that you put out for your fans to see. I was checking out this website and found it a little basic for the quality your music and ideas that you release. I run a media/marketing company and would love to give you a free website that would entail all of your work but in the look that you would would match the quality of the professional sounds you put out! Just the fact that I can callabo with you is payment in itself. We even shoot videos if you want our services for our music video production.

    check some of our work at:

    please get back to me on this!! would love to work with you.


    (media/marketing consultant, but from 10pm-7am inspiring music producer)


  25. I lived in Atlanta from 2002-2011 and I never looked into getting into the business. I worked for the same company the majority of my stay and the recently closed down. I skipped town a couple months ago to getta away for a minute. I sometimes hum a whole verse of a tune in my head and almost have the words but cant get them out. I sometimes wake up from a dream or in and out of a dream and have a hit flow going, but never remember it once I wake up. I get chills and goosebumps when I hear those country and r and b old and new school divas belt out that magic. Ill be back in Atlanta in July again and wanna start going to shows, events, and etc to maybe getta foot in the door and see if my dreams and feelings might be something for me to get into. Not for the glitz and glam but because I feel it and just feel I need to give it a shot’

  26. After you have written your songs what is the next step? I’am looking for some one to work with me in the studio but every one that i spoke with they want me to put them down as a co- writer or it’s no deal. I though if i pay you for what ever you do that’s a done deal,
    like pay you for producing, pay for studio time, pay for musicians, i though that were all it was no strings attacted to me other than that. Am i doing something wrong? then you tell me what it is that i’am doing wrong.
    Yours truly,
    John Sanders

  27. I am a young aspiring producer who is looking for advice and mentorship as i begin my journey. I have served 4 years in the united states army and upon completion of my commitment, I am looking to attend Full Sail university to pursue a bachelor’s degree in music production. If by some chance you have time to respond to this email, I would greatly appreciate it. In the meantime i will continue to do my research and try to educate myself as much as possible on my own. Thank you for your time.
    LeAndre Yarrell

  28. Hey B. Cox,
    My name is Alaura and I am new to the music industry. I am not inspiring to be an artist however I have been writing songs for years. I graduated college last May and I believe I have what it takes to become a successful songwriter. If you are interested please reply… Thanks

  29. How are you ? My name is Yves Charles with Urban Uncut (non-profit online urban magazine) and i would like to know if we could run a feature on you ? Urban Uncut features Entrepreneurs, Recording artists, Athletes, Producers, Directors & More. Available November 15th on all Mobile Devices and E Readers! Urban Uncut features Entrepreneurs, Recording artists, Athletes, Producers, Directors & More. Our Mission is to provide young urban professionals with the proper recognition and resources they need to obtain success. Please include recent pictures,press releases,any relevant information /projects that you need us to cover.


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