New Music: Big Heavy a/k/a Doughboy “From Da Ground Up” Mixtape [Download]

This has been a long time coming!!! Download my homie Big Heavy’s new mixtape “From Da Ground Up”


Listen Up: The Tanning Effect w/Steve Stoute and Jimmy Iovine

So, I was having a conversation with my great friend and long time manager Chris Hicks about the music business and where it’s going. Through this convo I discovered my greatest strength: the ability to create content. I have been creating content for many years with the start of The Studio Exposed pilot. I just haven’t been consistant and because of that I have sat back and watch great ideas that I have started get executed by others and become successful. It all comes down to being comfortable with where you are and afraid to step out of the box. I have so many ideas, most times it’s hard for me to focus on one so I just go back to doing what I am used to doing and that is producing tracks but the Bryan-Michael Cox business is so much more than that. It’s a brand. I have been reading Steve Stoute’s book “The Tanning od America” and I find it quite interesting and informative. It has inspired me to look at my work and all of the accomplishments I have achieved in different way. I have created a legacy for myself and I haven’t monetized it properly. Sure, I have made a gang of paper but I have not lived up to my full revenue potential. I love to learn new things from people with great minds and progressive insight. Stoute is one of those people. I thought this clip was extremely informative and inspiring. I hope it inspires you as it did me.


My friend Francis bbm’s me from London to ask me if it’s true about Heavy. At that point I didn’t know what he was talking about, I bbm’d back “Huh? What happened?” He said, “I heard that he just passed.” I was in shock. Of course, I tried to call his phone first then I hit a few people up and got the confirmation that he had passed. I got an opportunity to start building a dope musical relationship with Hev. He has always been apart of my musical make up. The very first hip hop album I personally purchased was Heavy D and The Boyz “Big Tyme”. It had one of my favorite songs on there (We Got Our Own Thang) produced by, you guessed it, my favorite producer Teddy Riley. Andre Harrell, Teddy and Heavy are the founding fathers of the New Jack Swing and a major foundation of black culture period. See if there were no Uptown Records, we probably wouldn’t have had Heavy or Teddy Riley, then there wouldn’t be Puffy, which means there wouldn’t have been Bad Boy, which means we wouldn’t have had Biggie, The Hitmen, and so forth. So I give Heavy D. so much credit for his contribution to not only black music but our culture. And Heavy did it without cursing or demeaning his fellow man. He carried his success with class and style. Big ups to the one they call Heavy D. And a big shout out to my boy DJ Eddie F, I know he’s really feeling it. Keeping you and Hev’s family in my prayers.

Happy Birthday Idris!!!!

My son turned 1 on Friday. I am so proud and excited to be watching him grow up. I know that we have a long way to go but he has made our journey so incredible already. I am so excited to see him learn new things. I am so excited to teach him new things. I love you with all of my heart Idris Michael Cox. There’s nothing better than love….