Joe “Magic”

If you love R&B, you’re gonna love this album. Go pick up Joe’s “Signature” album!!!! He produced and wrote every song. This is classic Joe.


Aion Clarke “You Chose Me” Produced by: ME.


Click here to listen and download.

A lot of songs I did with Aion got leaked so he and I decided that we should do a mixtape called “Operation: The Leaks”. This mixtape will consist of all of the songs we did together that got leaked. He’s going in and re-recording some of the vocals on some of the songs so they can be more “him” because some of these songs were written for other artists. Here is “You Chose Me” which was written for Monica and got leaked last year before we changed the direction of the album. I still think this song is a hit so I told him to keep it. So here is the first single from his mixtape coming soon!



Hadn’t blogged in a minute. I wonder if I was missed??? *smiles* Well, I have been crazy busy. We finally closed Bertell’s deal through MRV/Capitol Records. His single “She Bad” featuring Bun B. will officially go for adds in a couple of weeks. They are already on top of it at the label. Big ups to Jack Ponti, LB, & Rob Watson for putting the play together. I have also been in the studio with JD working on Johnta & Dondria’s projects for So So Def. Johnta’s album is titled “Love, Sex, & Religion”. I think the title speaks for itself. And of course we are revamping Dondria’s joint, the albums are shaping up very very well. Of course we cannot forget that I have been working on Monica’s upcoming album “Still Standing”. I have been working closely with her and Melinda as an Executive Producer for the project. As you all may know we have been shooting a reality T.V. show with BET that airs in October basically following her life in and outside of the studio. We are very close to finishing up the project. Missy Elliott came through and gave her some bangers, records I like to call hater proof! Ne-yo, Stargate, Carlos McKinney, JD & of course the team myself, Adonis, & Wyldcard helped put together what I feel will probably be one of the biggest records of the year. I have very high expections for ALL of the projects that I am working on. There is so much more we got going, Ocean’s 7 will appear on the cover of J’adore Magazine next month, I was featured in last month’s Essensce magazine, there is a Ocean’s 7 movie and TV show in the works, and finally finishing up my respective personal projects [State of Emergency mixtape, my solo album, & “Snag-A-Puss” which is me & JD]. And let’s not forget, I am gearing up for my GA Music Hall of Fame induction on September 19th. It’s an exciting time in my life, and I am glad that all of you are able to enjoy it with me. Thank you for your support, with God’s will I feel that I am unstoppable.

God. Love. Life. Music.