Living The Life [Vegas Needs Ocean’s 7 Flava!]

The new installment of Living The Life…

BMC a.k.a. Leon Phelps, The Texas Ranger!


Living The Life [Vegas Baby!!!]

Here is the newest installment of Living The Life. Check out my homie Jay, he is off the chain. Thinking about making him the token white boy in the Oceans. What y’all think???

-BMC a.k.a. Leon Phelps, The Texas Ranger!



I feel like my blog can be random. When I was younger, I felt like life was simple. In my mind, the process of falling in love was, well…. simple. I thought that love was something that was completely based in what I know that feeling to be as infatuation. Those butterflies you get when you are around that person, that bubbly feeling you get whenever you heard their name and so forth & so on. Now that I am older, I realize that love isn’t that simple. What we deemed a priority when we were younger most times don’t match up to what we feel is a priority now. But yet and still, I wonder why most people aren’t happy in their relationships/situations? I mean, we all want to have someone to love and someone to love us back. What goes through our minds when we are making these decisions? For example, most married couples that I know [for the exception of a few] are NOT happy. This has perplexed me for some time now. Being a single man in a demanding field and coming across so many different types of people it has occurred to me that this case is the majority. So my question is why? I think that most people get married for all of the wrong reasons first of all. I think that we have a tendency to jump right in to a situation without thinking it all the way through and most importantly, praying about it. I have been doing some serious soul searching over the past few days. I have always realized that I am not perfect. My flaws are far too many to name but, I have accepted the fact that they exist. And I want to do whatever it takes to correct them. Last week, I had made up my mind that I just might not get married based on all of the examples I had around me. There is an immediate example that comes to mind, I won’t go into it though. I mean damn, my Mom and my step Dad is going through a divorce right now! Lol. I digress. We have to be honest with ourselves and others [preaching to myself]. A dear friend told me last week when I told her that I was trying to “understand” love, “How can you understand Love? If God is Love and we’ll never be able to understand God, then you’ll never be able to understand Love.” So now I am left with this thought, Love is Love. No rhyme. No reason. No logic. I think we try to put logic into it and there’s no way that logic and Love [Real Love] can coexist. It is what it is. So instead of having the thoughts I had last week, I will continue to believe in marriage, because I believe in Love. I will do my best not to over analyze it because when you over analyze, you don’t make a decision. And when you don’t make a decision, you don’t progress. Just my thoughts for today.

God. LOVE. Life. Music.


“He Ain’t Wit Me (Tho’)” Rich Girl [Richcraft/Jive Records]

These are my homegirls: Lyndriette, Seven, Brave, & Audra. I really like this joint. Rich is a very talented songwriter/producer and he happens to be my good friend. They give me a Destiny’s Child vibe and being that I was there in the beginning of their career, I feel like it’s time for that kind of energy to come back around. Hopefully Jive and Rich will be able to get their point across. Nonetheless, I am diggin’… Diggin…. Diggin… BTW, I also produced a smokin’ ballad on them written by Wyldcard and The Council. Big shouts!!!

God. Love. Life. Music. [& the return of the girl group!]

Hey beautiful…

“Like A Tattoo” Sade [Epic Records]

This is a live version. The original version appeared on her 1992 LP “Love Deluxe” [which is still my shit to this day.]

Our job as artists and creators of music is to evoke emotion. So in order to evoke emotion you have to allow your emotion to be evoked. This song makes me think of a special someone. Even though I stay on the road and she’s on the go doing her thing, there isn’t a moment that passes that I don’t think of her.

God. Love. Life. Music.