These speakers have got to sound incredible!


For the audiophile with an unlimited budget, the Swedish company Aesthesis has developed a set of loudspeakers that have earned the title of “the most expensive speakers in the world”. Simply dubbed “the Gramophone”, these limited edition speakers are handcrafted from carbon fiber and stainless steel, with precision down to the smallest detail. Developed together with renowned names like Ergonomidesign, Eker design and Carcocomp (all involved in building the Koenigsegg supercars), the Gramophone loudspeakers are in high gloss black, yet customers can get it customized to the color of their choice. However, you’ll first have to save some $85,000 to get one of the 100 units Aesthesis will produce. [via Luxuo]


Dopeness: Miles Davis ‘The Complete Columbia Album Collection’ 71 Disc Box Set


November 10th will see the release of Miles Davis, and probably music’s, biggest box set yet. Made up of 70 CD’s and 1 DVD, the box set will be available exclusively through Amazon.

“The DVD is Live in Europe ‘67, which will be on DVD for the first time ever with this set. The set will also include a previously unreleased live recording of Davis’s performance at the 1970 Isle of Wight Festival.

According to Legacy, the CDs will all come in “Japanese-styled mini LP jackets”, which sounds cool. The CDs will include bonus tracks that have been tacked on to Davis reissues over the years. There will also be a 250-page book.”

The impressive set will set you back $369.98, but thats only $5 a disc