This is at a dinner honoring L.A. Reid at the W Hotel Buckhead in Atlanta.



“Never Give You Up” Raphael Saadiq featuring Stevie Wonder & CJ [Columbia]

First of all I’d like to say that this is some of the most refreshing music I have heard in a long time. V-103 has been playing this joint for a minute. Everytime I hear this song it re-installs my faith in the fact that “real” music never dies. This is like a perfect mixture of Marvin Gaye, Earth, Wind, & Fire, Ray Parker, Jr. & the 60’s Motown sound! The artist that is featured on this album happens to be a great friend of mine, his name is CJ. The nigga is the truth, he has so much soul. He is gonna be next to blow & the dude is a tough musician/producer. And of course, the Legendary Stevie Wonder plays harmonica on this. Ray never fails when he makes albums. Been a big fan since the first Tony, Toni, Tone’ album and I am very grateful to call him a friend. This song moves me emotionally.

God. LOVE. Life. Music. [SOUL]


The TX Ranger, Guest, J. Sinatra, & The General

Here is a random pic from the club about a week ago that someone took of us in the club. I thought it was kinda hot so, I wanted to post it. I want to give a big shout out to all of the “LIFERS” out there. Thank you for your support and MAKE SURE YOU COP THAT OCEAN’S MIXTAPE WHEN IT COMES OUT!!!!!!!

Ocean’s Baby,
Leon Phelps, The Texas Ranger!


Big shouts to my boy Eddie “Skeeter Rock” Weathers. Happy birthday doc. We had a blast on Wednsday at Door 44!!!!!!

Throwback of the Day

“Slow Down” Loose Ends [Virgin/MCA Records]

This song reminds me of my Auntie Jacquie. She loved this group and turned everyone in the family on to them. This album Zagora came out in the states in 1986. Loose Ends is a british based band and Zagora was their second album [first album was crazy too].
Today Jay Cee played “Stay A Little While Child” [also from the Zagora album] in the mix and I instantly got emotional. It took me back to a time of innocence that I will never get back (LOL). But I think of my young mother and her sisters living life, growing up as adults, & rasing me and my cousins. And the hard but great times we had growing up. These songs take me back to that time. I love my family…

God. Love. Life. Music. [Contemplating…]

The Afternoon Delight w/DJ Jay Cee. Eargasms Volume #2!!!


If you love music like I do, you should definitely check out my homie DJ Jay Cee’s blog at!! Here is the newest installment of Eargasm! Click here: DJ Jay Cee presents Eargasms Volume 2. I always happen to be in my car around 12 noon and I always catch his Afternoon Delight on V-103. Today was so impressive, I had to blog about it. For me, music evokes a certain emotion and everytime I hear his mix it takes me all the way down memory lane. I remember a lot of these songs because my Mom was an extreme music fan. Like I have always said, we had albums before we had groceries sometimes. This is where I get my love for the music from. The way Jay Cee merges the old school joints with more recent joints is dope too. This installment is about an hour long but the music is so dope, time will fly!

God. Love. Life. Music. [& I am bringing synthesizier solos back]