New Music: Bertell featuring Bobby V. “Headboard”

This is the first single from Bertell’s new mixtape: The Frat Party, The Waffle House, The Dorm Room. ┬áProduced by: Squat. It features Bobby V. DOPENESS!!!!!



Thoughts: Regret.

You ever have that feeling of “Damn, I messed that one all the way up.”? That feeling is regret. At some point we all will have that feeling. Some things you may not be able to redeem but you can always move forward and past that regret. It’s all a part of character building. On the other hand if you can’t move past it, then you should re-address it, no matter how far off you might think the situation is. TRUE LOVE never fades, no matter what happens in life.

“Love Conquers All…” -THE GURU.