New Music: DJ E-Dub x Bryan J. “Who Is Bryan J.?” Mixtape

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Producing 101: The Core Skills of a Producer according to Quincy.

So I was in the Guitar Center the other day picking up an iLok for my Pro Tools 9 update for my iMac and Mac Book Pro and you know how they have bookshelves of books that nobody ever buys sitting in an obscure place in the store? I randomly look over and I see this book titled “The Quincy Jones Legacy Series: Q ON PRODUCING” Written by: Q and Bill Gibson and it came with a DVD!!! Of course I had to buy it! Though I haven’t read it in it’s entirety, I have thoroughly skimmed through it And one section that caught my attention was a section simply titled: CORE SKILLS OF A PRODUCER.

Here is what he has to say:

The producer has to be able to take charge of virtually every phase of the creative process. He or she must be able to find and recognize the right song, get the right instrumentalists and background singers, and find the right engineer and studio. You have to the conductor of everything from the bottom to the top of the project. And you have to be able to help the artist realize their musical vision and personality while you do everything else. You have to learn about marketing, covers, liner notes, and you have to know enough about all of the instruments to be able to communicate effectively with the players. On top of everything, you need to be a psychiatrist in the studio so you know when to tell the artist to take a break or to keep pushing through. You have to push them, but you can never let them fall. If you have studied and know what you’re doing, you can be confident that you can handle whatever comes up.

As a MUSIC producer, you have got to be extremely proficient with MUSIC. If you expect to have the kind of confidence you’ll need as a producer in the studio, you must be proficient in your core MUSICAL skills in addition to being able to handle all of the organizational and relational demands placed on the producer.