Thoughts: MJ


“neversaynever” commented on my blog about my post. I thought it was dope.

“MJ never seemed like the kind of person that could, you know, die. To be honest, he never really registered in my consciousness as being a person; Michael Jackson was the androgynous sexual panic of “Billie Jean,” the breathless seduction of “P.Y.T.,” the thrilling kitsch of “Thriller,” the chattering afro-popisms of “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’.” The idea that he had a human body, one that needed food and air and sleep, never really clicked in my mind. But then again, I guess that’s to be expected. I mean, how can a mere human being really be thought to be capable of creating something as monstrous, as mechanical, as all-encompassing, and as awesome as Thriller? This kid wasn’t the king of pop; he was the whole damn kingdom. And we, the audience, are not his loyal subjects; we’re just reading the travel brochures”

God. Love. Life. Music. [R.I.P. MJ]




Words cannot express how I am feeling right now. He was definitely a 1 of 1. Thanks Mike.


Back to blogging…

I know I haven’t blogged in a few days but I have been helping Sam & Rick rebuild my production room. It’s not complete yet but I can work now. Here are a few pics.

God. Love. Life. Music.

Reconstructing the Black Room…

Sometimes you have to re-create the vibe in your space. I had become stagnant in my production room so, Sam, Rick, & Mac tore my room apart and they are putting it back together, and I must say it’s looking good. This is where we are with the construction. When we are done with this room, we are going to re work the office and turn that into a lounge. Then take that back room and re-work that one. I will post pics as we finish up.

God. Love. Life. Music.

Classic Music.

“Don’t Leave (Goodbye Love Remix)” BlackSTREET [Interscope Records]
Remix Produced by Teddy Riley for New Jack Swing Productions, Inc.

This is a remix from their multi platinum album “Another Level”. It borrows Guy’s [Teddy’s first group with Aaron Hall] “Goodbye Love”. I know I do a lot of blogs about Teddy Riley but I can’t help it. This nigga is one of the coldest to ever do it! You know you a cold when you remix a song you produced with another song that you produced and it sounds damn near better than the original. Wow. Check out how Teddy uses the “talk box” [not auto tune, you have to be able to play the keyboard or guitar to use the talk box. Big ups to my man K-Fam] to add textures to the backgrounds and his adlibs. Dopeness.

God. Love. Life. Music. [& The New Jack Swing]