Events: Eternal Couture All Star Weekend Charity Fashion Show & Lounge Event

If you’re in Orlando tomorrow, come party with me at the Dellagio. A Great way to kick off the All Star Weekend!



Shoe Game: CHAPTER X VANQUISH X Adidas Originals Adi-Rise

These are dope!

Japanese menswear brand VANQUISH and sneaker boutique CHAPTER have a good working relationship with adidas Originals as this will be the second time they are working together on exclusive sneakers. This time around, the Adi-Rise sneakers were chosen as a starting point for their project. The all black sneakers feature patent leather, smooth leather, and mesh materials on the upper. Black studs and perforation give a rebellious feel to the footwear without being too over the top. These shoes will be arriving at stores in late March, and CHAPTER is already taking pre-order of the shoes on their online store right now.

Thoughts: Music, The New Frontier

Earlier I tweeted: “We are in the new frontier of the music business, the old way of thinking is becoming obsolete.” And I got a couple of followers asking me to elaborate. Well, my thought process is: now the creative entities (artists, songwriters, producers, mixers, recording engineers; etc.) have more control over the music and it’s output more than ever now. The game to be in is the independent game. The traditional way of breaking artists is becoming obsolete. If you have a hit record, now you have the means to get it to the public virally. This whole game is going viral and yet the older regime of the game is still holding on the old way of thinking. People still believe that you NEED to be signed to a label when the truth is, even when you sign to a label, they are going to expect YOU to get YOU hot anyway. The first questions they’re going to ask are: “What is your twitter follwing looking like?” or “What’s your youtube following looking like?” And they don’t have an understanding of new media at all. If they did, the way that they go about breaking artists should be different. Why am I paying so much money to get my song played on the radio when the majority of people are now discovering new music online? Why am I paying so much for a video when there are artists who are gaining momentum without having to spend a 10th of what the labels spend? And finally, why am I paying so much to get the record mixed and mastered when it’s going to be reduced down to mp3 form and the compression on it is going to make sound like every other record. My point is: WE HAVE THE POWER. The creative people have the power! So let’s execute it. Stop sitting around and hoping for a label to sign you or for a producer to discover you. Get on your grind and put your music out there to the public. Sure, it’s not sexy but in order to get to the sexy you have to work and by work that means more than just making the record. Do your research, get online and find out ways to market and promote your music. Move into the new frontier of music.