New Music: Eric Roberson x Lalah Hathaway “Dealing”

The homie E. Robie! Here is his new single featuring the incredible Lalah. #SUPPORTGOODMUSIC!


Thoughts: Happy New Years!

TRUTH: We all make big plans to change certain things in the new year but the reality is LIFE is about growth and even though change doesn’t happen overnight or because of “January 1st” we all have one thing in common: WE DESIRE TO BE BETTER AND TO DO BETTER. There are so many things that I can list about myself that I want to change in the new year but I also want to look back on all of the lessons that I have learned and ask myself have I applied my learning or do I need a little more work in that area? This year I plan to be focused and work smarter, not harder. That means being very specific about the projects that I will take on. Making sure that I am passionate about them and of course that the money is what I need it to be. It also means that I am going to be spending more time in LA because for me that is the next plateau. I love Atlanta and there is a kinetic energy that keeps me here, sooooo with that said I am not ready to totally give it up but I do need to be somewhere where I can totally take advantage of my artistic abilities. I WILL TAKE A DAMN VACATION THIS YEAR!
I will allow myself to enjoy LOVE. You all have heard me talk about LOVE all year and yet I still had a guard up, this year I am allowing whatever to happen to just happen and experience LOVE in a relationship on a full scale. AND WITH A PLAN. 🙂

These are just a few things that I am looking to deal with in the new year, like I said this is not an overnight process but fortunately I have been heading in that direction for a few months so, it’s gradually going to move like I need it to.



I went by my homies shoe store in Houston called The Tipping Point & copped these new Blazers!!!!

You like??? I love them!!!! I also got some black low top Blazers too. Freshness!!!
If you live in the Houston area and love sneaks, go check out The Tipping Point downtown on Main. Holla!!!



I always try to find old pics of me and my Mom and post them on her birthday. This year was a trying year on me and my Mom’s relationship but we always seem to pull through. I have learned a lot about her through this process. I have always adored my Mom and growing is so hard to do but this year was a testiment that growing up is necessary and my Mom is not afraid to let me grow up. This year she also gave me some insight on the dynamic between her and my biological father and she basically told me the entire story. I found it very interesting becasue now I could finally fill in the gaps of my life. My mom and her sisters raised me and my cousins with all the love in the world and in hindsight we didn’t miss out on nothing. We had a blast and even through the tough times we continue to have a blast!!!!

Mommie, I love you. You are the greatest. Happy Birthday.
Love, Tay-Lo.

Thoughts: DECEMBER 15th

*December 15th has been officially documented as “Bryan-Michael Cox Day” in Houston TX.
*June 24th is already officially “Bryan-Michael Cox” Day in Atlanta, GA.
GOD IS GOOD. What a way to end the year. Top songwriter/producer of the decade and now I have my own day in my hometown!
I have been through a lot this year. And I look at everything as a learning experience preparing me for my future. Growing up. Finally. Leaving all childish things behind and making my mark as a MAN. I have already made my mark as a creative person. But now it’s time to make my mark as man with purpose. And start living for my legacy.
One day, I am going to win a lifetime achievement award. That is my ultimate professional goal. One day, I will have a family and watch my legacy grow. That is a personal goal. And one day, I will make it into heaven. That is my LIFE goal.

God. Love. Life. Music. Love (AGAIN)

Ocean’s News: Billboard Decade End Chart!

Collectively: Jermaine, Johnta, Usher, Nelly, Trey, & I are at the top of the Billboard Decade End Chart!

Top Hot 100 Song of the Decade: “We Belong Together” Mariah Carey
Top Hot R&B Song of the Decade: “Be Without You” Mary J. Blige
Top Hot 100 Artist of the Decade: Usher

And we are represented very well on both the Hot 100 & Hot R&B Decade End Charts:
“Let’s Get Married”, “Where The Party At”, “Walked Outta Heaven” Jagged Edge
“U Got It Bad”, “Burn”, “My Boo”, “Confessions (Part 2)” Usher
“Say Goodbye” Chris Brown
“Delimma”, “Country Grammer” Nelly
“I Can’t Help But Wait”, “Last Time” Trey Songz

Let’s not forget that I have the #10 Hot R&B Song of the Year with Ginuwine’s “Last Chance”.

God is good. All the time. It’s been a great 10 years, the next 10 are gonna be even better!

To view Billboard’s Best of the Decade click here.

God. Love. Life. Music. Oceans.