On the move: The Hustle Don’t Stop!!!

The hustle don’t stop…


Happy Belated Birthday to Sinatra.

Happy birthday to my homie for over 10 years. One of the most talented music makers in this business. Holla at him at twitter.com/johntalsr.

Song of The Day: “Superwoman (Part 1)” Lil Mo

You ever wonder why Lil’ Mo’s hit record “Superwoman (Part 2)” was called part 2??? Well here is the first version that I did with my talented sister Mo. This joint was never released but I have always loved this version and couldn’t find it until I went to a record store in LA and saw it and couldn’t believe it!! I had to buy it. I converted it to a mp3 and now it is here for your listening enjoyment. This is one of my favorite productions and Mo is sick on that pen!

Dopeness: Prince Rogers Nelson

So, BET is honoring my favorite artist of all time Mr. Prince Rogers Nelson. First of all I connect with Prince because like him, I am a musician first. But my real connection starts with my Mother’s love of his music. I vividly remember my Mom standing in line to purchase his 1982 Double Album “1999”. I remember the purple cover, the number one that was shaped like a “you know what”, the football in the middle of the “I” in his name that read “and the revolution” backwards, basically connecting you from this album to the next one which would feature “The Revolution” in Purple Rain and the most important things I remember are the words: Produced, Written, Arranged, and Performed by: Prince.

I think that says it all. Prince is the smartest, most talented artist our generation has seen. I am so thankful that I have been able to witness 2 geniuses in my lifetime. MJJ and Prince. Prince is an artist that you have to pay close attention to because his artistry from his first album to his latest is connected. It’s like he plotted out his entire career and knew that if he stuck to the plan he would be legendary. He is the perfect mix of Hendrix, George Clinton, Herbie Hancock, Stevie Wonder, Sly Stone, and James Brown. He has been able to merge all styles of music together to create his own brand of funk. My first two movies were “Breakin'” and “Purple Rain”. I got to see both of them on the same day! Salute to the coolest guy in the music business. And one of the baddest musicians/artists on the planet!


Song of The Day: Michael Jackson “Remember The Time”

I remember watching video soul and Teddy Riley & Guy were on. Teddy was talking about his upcoming work with Michael Jackson. I was extremely curious to hear what they would come up with together and just as I thought the 2 of them along with Benard Belle crafted one of my favorite New Jack joints. Here is “Remember The Time”. RIP Michael Joseph Jackson.


Last night in the A: Gold Room (Every Monday!)

Last night the Gold Room was something like a movie!!! T.I.P., JD, Dallas Austin, Young Jeezy, and Kenya Moore hosted!!!!!


Song of The Day: Today “Him Or Me?”

I said that the next couple songs I highlight are going to pay tribute to my favorite producer of all time, Mr. Teddy Riley. I thought that I would post Today’s “Him Or Me?” from their 1988 debut album on Motown. Teddy was on one when he made this joint. The bass line, drum programming, with the sultry chords make for a new jack gem!!!! How could you not rock to this joint????!!!!!!!!