In the studio with Justin Bieber.


Usher signed Justin Bieber to Def Jam via his label. This little guy is the truth. He plays guitar, piano, and he sings his tail off. Johnta & I wrote a song for him called “Never Let You Go”. I am recalling the mix now so I decided to blog about it. Be on the look out for him and make sure you purchase his new single “One Time” on iTunes or your local retailer.

God. Love. Life. Music.


Thoughts: Have you ever went to sleep single & woke up in a relationship?


I posted this question on twitter and I would like to talk more in detail about this. Talking to a couple of the homies today and I was saying how back in the day we used to have definitive conversations with the girl we was seeing. Conversations like “Will you go with me?” or “Will you be my girl?” had to be had. But now, a lot of relationships are born out of “casual friendships”. Like it starts by exchanging numbers and conversation, maybe a few dates, then jumping in the bed. This may go on for awhile, through this period feelings are bound to develop. You might be doing your thing & she might be doing her thing but the more time you two spend together after awhile you start really feeling eachother. Then when that happens you start asking yourself “How did I get here?” and most people start to fight it. You still try to live your single life but if you are spending every other night together, eventually you WILL wake up one day in a relationship. LOL. Totally unspoken, just understood. This is the general concensus amongst the homies today. My question to you is have you ever been in this situation?????

-BMC, The Love Guru.

Ocean’s News: BMC x GA Music Hall Of Fame

Being inducted to the GA Music Hall of Fame is definitely one of the defining moments in my life. Thank you to all who have affected my life positive and negative. Life is about learning and everyday I strive to learn more. There is nothing like God’s grace and mercy. My entire family prays for me and their prayers are 100% felt. Like I said in my speech, I am honoring my mother with this award. I love her. She lived for me. So I live for her.

God. Love. Life. Music.

Ocean’s News: Ocean’s do Trey Songz Album Release in Atlanta!

We celebrated Trey’s album release last night at the Velvet Room. The homie sold over 130K his first week!!! Make sure you go cop that Ready now available on Atlantic Records!
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BMC x BMI Awards Afterparty

I bumped into a few of my friends at the BMI Awards Afterparty.