In this clip I showcase the new Maschine Studio and Moog Sub Phatty while creating a mid-tempo, R&B composition. I am really impressed with the new Maschine and Maschine 2 software. Enjoy!


New Video: Young Scooter “Columbia” (Teaser)

Ok, ok… This song is one of my guilty pleasures this year. All of the things that are wrong with it, are the things that make me love the song. Such irony. The fact that the lyrics are so basic, he’s talking that cocaine/brick talk, The beat never ever drops, there is no kick, clap, or hi hat in the track. Just a dominant synth, bells, a worm lead, and the conga serves as the back drop for the beat and of course the sub bass that comes in at the hook. I mean nothing is right with this song but it still jams to me. Lol. I don’t know man, maybe I’ve lived in ATL too long… Lol. I guess that’s the beautiful thing about Atlanta, there are NO rules in hip hop for example look at how my man Trinidad James blew up. I think this “Columbia” record could be big.