Throwback Joint: Chris Brown x BMC x Outtakes from “Exclusive”

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 12.30.09 AM


Cleaning my crib today and found the first draft of a song that I co-Produced with State of Emergency and Kendrick called “Throwed” for what would end up being Chris Brown’s Exclusive album. Those were some very special sessions to me because during that period I realized that we (Adonis, Donnie, Kendrick, and I) had this incredible connection with Chris. Coming off of his first album, which we (Adonis, Kendrick, and I) had created 3 songs including the hit single “Say Goodbye”, I was extremely excited about working with him again. He was very much into the music we were making and it was looking like I was going to Executive Produce the album. We did so many great songs for that project like “Diagnosed With Love”, “Fallen Angel”, “Back To Back”, and “Fatal Attraction”. This was the first time I felt like an artist was empowering me to help guide their vision. I felt like we were going to change the world with that album. But you can never predict how things move along. The direction of the album changed and most of the songs we did got scrapped but finding this CD did take me back to an incredible creative moment in my career and for that I will always be thankful to Chris.


One thought on “Throwback Joint: Chris Brown x BMC x Outtakes from “Exclusive”

  1. Fatal Attraction may be one your best instrumentals. So many layers, effects and drums. Everytime I listen to it I’m still surprised. With a good bridge and/or a killer feature that song would have been huge! Same goes for those Young Steff songs, we need more like those 🙂

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