Classic Albums: Prince “1999”


One of the most important albums to come out 30 years ago. I remember my Mom buying this album from Soundwaves. Prince is her favorite artist. This album changed my life. Thank you Prince, Lisa Coleman, Brown Marc, Bobby Z., and Dr. Fink (the first incarnation of The Revolution. It’s even spelled backwards on the “I” of his name.) Prince was a very well planned artist. He absolutely knew what was coming next. Purple Rain was being conceived in the infamous purple notebook during this era and a lot of the songs for the movie were already created. 1999, the prelude to Purple Rain.


2 thoughts on “Classic Albums: Prince “1999”

  1. I would love to see more artists move away from the hustler mentality when making music and get more into the artistic side. I understand everybody wants to get paid but I think in most cases nowadays it is at the expense of the music. Where are the Princes,Michael Jacksons and Stevie Wonders of this generation?

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