LIsten Up | G14: Tips to dating a DJ via: @jwarhol


It’s no secret that the DJ has become more than just the person in charge of the music, these days the DJ is the star. From headlining tours, to festivals and concerts these guys (and yes girls too but this piece is mostly for the guys) are now the main attraction. Guys want to be them and girls want to date them, but there are rules. Unspoken rules that we’ll speak on right now.

1. If you’re the Jealous type, don’t bother !
– DJs are the life of the party, the attention will be on them as long as they provide the hits.
Girls make the clubs worth going to, clubs need girls, therefore DJs need girls. It’s just how it is. If this bothers you, don’t date the DJ.

2. You don’t have to be at every gig !
– If you were dating a firefighter would you go to every house fire he had to put out?
How about a Surgeon, would you be in the operating room for each surgery? Exactly. DJs are like surgeons, cutting and scratching precisely on the body which is the turntable. You don’t need to be there, at least not all the time. But seriously you really don’t need to be there.

3. If you are not the manager, don’t act like it !
-If you are the girlfriend and not the manager, stay out of the business side of things.
Don’t start meddling with things you know nothing about. Show your support, be hot and spend our money.

4. Don’t stand by the booth and mean-mug everyone that comes up !
-It’s not a good look when you’re standing by the booth and giving people the stank eye when they come up to say hello to your man. Sure most of the ones coming up are girls, and yes they are probably hotter than you, and ya most of them probably want to take your man home and do things, but you signed up for it. Deal with it.

5. If the gig ends at 2, dont call five minutes later asking where I’m at !
– See 1, 2 and 4. Don’t be that girl/guy.

6. DJs have to practice, allow them to do so. In Peace !
-We know that when we DJ we look great doing it. We are always on beat, our transitions are flawless and our song selection always on point. As easy as we make this look, it does require a bit of practice. Let us do so. I’ll go to Target with you later.

7. We deal with a lot of people we don’t want to deal with through out the night, don’t become one of them !
-Look, as much as I am concerned that Lisa from work invited that one girl that shall not be named to that function I can’t remember, can we talk about it in the morning?? I just had a night full of grown men asking me to play “Call me Maybe” for their girlfriend’s birthday, plus sloppy drunk chicks asking me if I know Afrojack. Of course I know Afrojack.



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