Gadgets: Harman AKG K840KL | Wireless Headphones

I am a gadget freak! You already know I want to get these! Now this is a great father’s day gift!



Dopeness: Dope Ass Father’s Day Gifts

Being a father is the greatest gift. I am super excited to see how my son is developing, growing, and turning his personality all the way up. Usually father’s get terrible gifts for Father’s Day. It’s almost like Dad’s are supposed to get wack gifts! Lol. Well, here are a few ideas for young, fly fathers. Check ’em out–>


1.  Darth Vader Fathers Day Card, $6.75 BUY

2. Corkcicle | Wine Chiller, $20 More Details | BUY

3. Cognac Glasses | by Normann Copenhagen, $2/$52 More Details | BUY

4. Conceal Shelf | Invisible Book shelf, $9.99 More Details | BUY

5. Juice Pack Reserve | by Mophie, $34.95 More Details | BUY

6. Looftlighter | Fire Lighting Tool, $79.95 More Details | BUY

7. Cobra Tag, $47 More Details | BUY


A closer look–>