New Music: Frank Ocean “Whip Appeal”

Check out Mr. Ocean’s newest joint. Nice.


3 thoughts on “New Music: Frank Ocean “Whip Appeal”

  1. this , this, this .. is why r&b is fucking dead . What is this bullshit?

    If u put the words ‘air freshner’ , ‘sportscar’ , ‘benz’ in a song… can it really be taken seriously.

    You think anyone’s gonna give a f*ck about this guy in 20 years? Will he get a lifetime achievement award from f*kin anyone.

    Luther Vandross would roll in his grave, listening to this r&b trash.
    F*kin bullshit.

    Don’t call the song “Whip Appeal” Frank, those words put together raises the bar far too high.

    Call the song: ” Rap lyrics , to random melodies”

  2. Just saw Usher’s performance on SNL …and for some reason I believe my comment here needed to be revisited …

    Thank god Jermaine Paul won ‘The Voice’ , r&b needs a true male /alto tenor to get r&b back to the masses.

    Gone from the radio are the Brian Mcknights, Wanyas, Kevon Edmonds …..

    all this spawned from hearing Usher sing ‘Climax’ in a key too high for’m ..

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