Listen Up: The Tanning Effect w/Steve Stoute and Jimmy Iovine

So, I was having a conversation with my great friend and long time manager Chris Hicks about the music business and where it’s going. Through this convo I discovered my greatest strength: the ability to create content. I have been creating content for many years with the start of The Studio Exposed pilot. I just haven’t been consistant and because of that I have sat back and watch great ideas that I have started get executed by others and become successful. It all comes down to being comfortable with where you are and afraid to step out of the box. I have so many ideas, most times it’s hard for me to focus on one so I just go back to doing what I am used to doing and that is producing tracks but the Bryan-Michael Cox business is so much more than that. It’s a brand. I have been reading Steve Stoute’s book “The Tanning od America” and I find it quite interesting and informative. It has inspired me to look at my work and all of the accomplishments I have achieved in different way. I have created a legacy for myself and I haven’t monetized it properly. Sure, I have made a gang of paper but I have not lived up to my full revenue potential. I love to learn new things from people with great minds and progressive insight. Stoute is one of those people. I thought this clip was extremely informative and inspiring. I hope it inspires you as it did me.


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