Gadgets: iPhone 5 coming October 4

According to All Things Digital Apple will finally reveal all things iPhone 5 at a media event scheduled for October 4.

Rampant speculation surrounding the announcement and release date of Apple’s next iPhone has plagued the rumor-mill all summer. No concrete evidence has surfaced, and even All Things Digital’s report sites “sources close to the situation.” While it is obvious the September 7 announcement and end of September or early October release rumors were wrong, until Apple announces the event itself take any rumors with a very large grain of salt.

However, even if the date of the event is still up in the air, how important Tim Cook’s first media event as CEO is cannot be understated. This isn’t like Phill Schiller stepping in at Macworld and WWDC in 2009, this is a major product introduction, and will be a Tim Cook lead production according to All Things Digital’s sources.

While, it is important for Cook to quell fears that Apple isn’t the same company without Steve Jobs with his presentation, Cook will still be accompanied by Schiller and iOS chief Scott Forstall as presenters. All Things Digital’s sources were unable to confirm whether Steve Jobs would appear, but if the rumors surrounding Jobs’ health are accurate an appearance seems unlikely. More than that though, Jobs knows Apple is in a transition period and his presence could be viewed by others as an undercutting of Cook’s position as CEO.



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