Shoe Game: Christian Louboutin Men’s Store Paris Opening.

Got to hit this up when I get to Paris.

Well-known for his men’s studded loafers, Christian Louboutin has made significant strides in the expansion of his brand to the male footwear market since adopting the menswear line in 2008.  The designer is once again in the headlines for the discreet opening of the brand’s first-ever men’s shop in the Galerie Véro-Dodast in Paris, France. Having worked together on past brick & mortar outfits, Louboutin enlisted the help of designer Eric Clough to incorporate the store’s studded leather floors and embroidered leather walls.  To give the store a masculine appeal, vintage airplane seats, a tin ceiling, and a Star Trek table and chair were assimilated to give the interior a bold distinction from the nearby women’s boutique. The shop envisions a higher level of customer service by offering a made-to-order service in the abaft area of the store known as the “Tattoo” room.  The selection includes shoes with a higher tier price point as well as offering clientele the option to customize their shoes with personalized tattoos for their shoes.

via WWD.


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