Random Thought: Love. Again.

I want to know you all’s opinion on these questions:

1. Is there a such thing is LEARNING to Love someone? and if so, is it healthy to do that?

2. Is there a such thing is FALLING in Love? When I think of the word “FALL”, I tend to think think that there is an injury that occurs right after that fall. And I also associate the word “FALL” with “FAIL”.

3. Do we subconsciously deceide to Love when we get into relationships? And is deciding to love and learning to love the same thing???

4. And… is there someone who will always have your heart no matter what? If so, how are you coping with that?



10 thoughts on “Random Thought: Love. Again.

  1. 1) I don’t think there is anything healthy about learning to love someone. My idea of loves a feeling you can’t fight or deny. It’s something undescribable to me.

    2) I def believe in falling in love. It’s the possibility of being embraced by something so deep and knowing that the person you’re in love with will catch you. It takes a lot of faith to completely fall in love.

    3) I don’t think we decide to love. When it’s real and true, it happens without any assistance from us. I know this to be true because it happened to me last year. I do think that we decide to open our hearts to love.

    • 4) There was a man I thought would always have a hold on my heart. Then I realized that I was holding on to an immature love. Once I realized that I wasn’t in love anymore, I felt his hold slipping away. I’m so glad that I got through that because if not I wouldn’t be in love with the most amazing man.

  2. 1. I dont believe you “learn” to love someone. Love in my opinion is a feeling that comes with progression of learning that person as a whole. Dislikes, compromises, and sacrafices. You have a natural feeling of fondness when dealing with that person but love comes with progression.

    2. I do believe in “falling” in love. But through experience it is a dangerous route to take. You take a big risk with substantial “failure”. It makes it hard to “fall” again. If you do fall in love, you must wait and go through the progression before you experience true love.

    3. There definitely is a difference between deciding to love and learning to love. Deciding to love is obsolete. If you are deciding to love someone you are heading down a one way road, in the opposite direction!

  3. I think learning to love someone is a natural thing. In a relationship you have to learn the other person anyway. You have to be open to their wants and needs by learning how they react to certain situations and events. It’s important to gradually allow those feelings to develope because once in a relationship it’s no longer just about you. I believe once you reached a certain point in your learning experience you can find yourself “falling” in love with that person. Now whether or not that’s a good thing remains to be seen. I could be with you and learn to love you truly and deeply, “fall” for you but the feelings are one sided. That’s definitely the negative of being in or falling in love. Everyone’s heart isn’t running on the same clock. As far as deciding to love someone, that sounds like it could be dangerous. Why should have to decide to love someone? It almost would sound like you’re forcing yourself to feel something when you’re not ready. It may just be how I see that word, but it just seems like I would be settling, for lack of a better word. Love is already complicated enough, trying to decipher all of the adjoining terms to it doesn’t make it much easier, but with the right person it surely makes it worth the lesson.

  4. 1. You can learn to LOVE someone, but I don’t think you can LEARN to be IN love with someone.
    2. Yes you can fall in love. It doesn’t have to be a failure or an injury. I like to think of “falling in love” like falling off into space, no gravity, no end, just a state of being for the rest of your existence.
    3. I don’t think you can “decide” to love. It just happens. You can’t control it. If you have to decide, then that means there’s a possibility that you don’t even want to love them because you had to think “Do I want to love this person or not?”
    4. If you ever fully gave yourself and loved without fear, yeah that person will probably always have a piece of you. So I think I only want to love once…But who has control over these things anyway?

  5. 1) I believe it is possible to learn to love someone, at least consciously. I think often if we’re with someone we’re not in love with,it’s usually because we tell ourselves that the person is not what our idea of love is,preventing us(or so we think) from really loving them,or wanting to atleast.In that instance, I don’t think it’s healthy. 2) I think the term “falling” in love isn’t meant to be taken in a literal stance lol. For me,it’s more so an unexpected love. When we trip, we don’t expect it either. 3)This question goes with 1. I think we decide who we want to love based on the standard we set for love,and if the person we’re with meets those requirements. 4) you knoow.. This is a hard one. As I’m growing, I’m learning that my definition of love changes.As I’m redefining it’s meaning, I’m realizing that what I once thought love to be no longer exists,and so the answer is no. I appreciate every lesson learned,good and bad, but for my sake,I don’t think I’ll be able to love the right person fully if my heart still resides with another. -@aprettyblessed1

  6. 1. There is. It Isn’t…

    2. There is always an injury in the end wow. but i believe one may fall, or jump. love shouldn’t be by choice, hence falling. Learning to love (see question 1 lol) feels like Jumping to me. Too Contrived

    3. Still can’t answer this one

    4. How big is your heart? i think it can belong to More than one person….. though you’ll have to Break it to share it


    ERICA RIVERA’s thoughts

  7. The answer to these ques are simple: 1. Everyone has to learn how love the person they are trying to have a relationship with; or be taught to learn. I believe it is healthy because @ 1st you might not see what’s special about the person. 2. People have to stop equating ‘fall’ with ‘failure’; in a sense that is expectation of the relationship to fail. You can fall in love carefully & pleasantly. Subconsciously falling in love is kinda organic because that is what your eventually expected to do while in a relationship. 3. However you have to decide to open your heart to someone in order to begin to love; hence, learning to love that person. 4. If someone that you are not with always has yoir heart, you will not be able to have a successful relationship without them.

  8. 1. There is a such thing and people do it all the time but no it is not healthy. There should already be love for the someone. If you have to learn to love them then you are settling. I believe that you can grow to love certain things about a person like their touch or their passion for something.

    2. I prefer ascend insteaded of fall. So I would say that I ascended into love when that happens.

    3. Deciding to love someone is like making a business decision,you lead with your mind. Love is an effortless choice,a feeling where you know this person is a compliment to your life. If you have to think about it then it isn’t love. To decide to love or learn to love means if that someone suddenly left your life it wouldn’t be a huge deal. Deciding and learning means it is optional.

    4. Somewhat, I think that there is always someone that will have a special place your heart. Those are memories and experiences that shaped who you are. It was a day to day struggle but I had to take my heart back so that I could move on with my life. I had to make peace with the fact that our season was over. I needed my heart for me and the person in my future.

  9. 1. I don’t think you can learn to love someone. Pure/real love is genuine and it isn’t something you can control or can teach. And it’s not something you should want to learn. If you’re genuine and willing to love, than it’s easy to love someone.

    2. I think there’s such a thing as falling in love. It just happens and I don’t think that everybody is aware of that cause you can’t control it. And not after every fall there’s an injury. Falling is never a failure. Cause most of the time that you fall, you didn’t know upfront you were going to fall. So how can something that you didn’t know would happen, be a failure?

    3. Yes I think we do. You can’t get into a relationship if you’re not willing to love or willing to open up your heart. Learning to love and deciding to love aren’t the same. Learning to love means that you don’t know how to love, probably cause you’re not open or never been open to love. Deciding to love means that you know how to love and that you deceided that you’re willing to open up your heart and allow that person in your life. (my opinion 🙂 )

    4. Yes, there always be someone that will have my heart. But time doesn’t stand still and what’s done is done. Actions speak louder than words. Looking back what could’ve been doesn’t help you grow in life.

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