Gadgets: Blackberry Bold 9930

So, look at what came in the mail for your boy. The Blackberry Bold 9930! I got a connect over at Verizon so they sent me one. I actually really like it. My torch seemed like a phone for elementary school students and it felt like a toy. The new Bold feels like I am actually doing business (#DFMG). Lol.


2 thoughts on “Gadgets: Blackberry Bold 9930

  1. Nice Upgrade, B! That’s definantly a good thing…you gotta have the right business tools, especially when you are doing business,lol Hey bro, I hope all is well with you and the family…man, technology is a trip these days.. Of course we used to walk around with pagers and having to rely on land lines. now a days we could not imagine having to use a house phone or pay phone , matter of fact, I saw a pay phone the othe day and couldn’t believe it still existed,haha, what a trip! Stay Blessed maine! Still much love from the Lee family! keep in touch if you can..832 236 0626

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