Unreleased: Monica (@monicabrown) “So Bad” & “You Chose Me”

I have been getting crazy emails about hearing some of the unreleased music we did on the reality show. So today my friends you get a special treat: 2 unreleased Monica records. You get to hear “So Bad” and her version of Aion Clarke’s “You Chose Me” in their entirety. I have attached a clip of the recording process of “So Bad”. These are 2 of my favorite productions by the way. Β Enjoy. -BMC.

You Chose Me. Music by: ME. Lyrics by: Aion Clarke.

So Bad. Music by: ME, Kendrick Dean, Donnie Scantz. Lyrics by: Ryan Toby, Adonis Shropshire, Claudette Ortiz, ME


25 thoughts on “Unreleased: Monica (@monicabrown) “So Bad” & “You Chose Me”

  1. Bryan, man, I really like those songs. Kinda sad that a lot of the “good stuff” didn’t make her album “Still Standing”. The promotion on it was short lived as well but as a fan I am glad that she had strong sells, especially this day in time. I hope “New Life” does even better and we get more singles. I don’t believe that she will have another “Everything to me” momment but no real artist would want to relive a great momment like that but she sung her ass off on that song! Can’t wait to see what you put on her and congratulations on all of your success man! God is so good and I pray that He continues to bless you and Monica in your gifts.

    Larry “la133yp” Johnson

  2. oh wow Monica singing that Aion Clarke “You Chose Me” is fiyah. I would love to have that joint. I need to post it on my blog.

  3. Thanks or finally leaking these two songs.. They are damn right the SHITl.. Monica sliced the lyrics and murdered the beat…. Yall have such an amazing chemistry in the studio and it shows on these two songs. Even though they didnt make the cut they are AMAZING!!!

  4. I love these songs Monica did her thing, “You Chose Me” sounds like a song for Shannon from Monica very beautiful. She should give this song to her husband it’s perfect.

    • Honestly, I agree she does sound the exact same on every song. She has a powerful voice but her range is very limited, so limited that her radio songs are altered to be in a higher pitch than her actual voice. Listen to “Everything to Me” the song, then listen to her sing it live. You’ll notice what I mean.

      • you sound silly…they don’t change the pitch in the studio she changes the pitch for live performances….Also since “Monica” is a truly gifted vocalist she just always sounds good and if that’s her sounding the same I’ll take it

  5. I love it love it love it love it. You guys fucking Rock! Monica killed it vocally and production wise you murdered this (in a good way) excellent job. Now if only I could have infinity.

  6. Love Monica but it just seems like you guys let her run wild vocally in the studio sometimes. She should calculate her runs because she goes in and out of key too easily. Vocally “Down 4 Whatever” produced by Rodney Jerkins was her best.

  7. Sooooo good πŸ™‚
    Voyce’s ‘You Chose Me’ gets my vote because Monica doesn’t feel the song as much as he does in my opinion, but she did well nonetheless.
    ‘So bad’ is amazing. Thank you Bryan πŸ™‚

  8. I enjoyed both songs. “You Chose Me” is a little pop-heavy, so it might have been the crossover hit that people have been wanting from her (although “Mirror” from SS would also have achieved that goal). “So Bad” shows off her raw power, and that is something that not a lot of today’s singers can show. Normally, Monica’s uptempo songs feel a little “rushed” to me – almost as if she doesn’t have the time to accentuate the lyrics the way she really wants. “So Bad” and “Anything” are great examples of what she can do when she has just the right mix of tempo and phrasing. It might be worth it to try to get “So Bad” and “Infinity” onto the new album as bonus tracks. Nice job!

  9. Brian.. On the real man… A LEGION of her fans have ben dying to hear Infinity. Just from the clips we were able to hear, we CRAVE that song… PLEASE have her finish it. It needs to make the cut of New Life!!!!


  10. why won’t her label just extend the album beyond ten songs…give the fans an album worth paying money for. i listen to stillstanding on my way to school which is 30minutes away and by the time i get to school the album is over…we need more of songs on the album…period

    and this is her number one fan

  11. I love love both records. Her record label is so lousy and they do what the hell they want to do. It makes me so mad. So bad makes me wanna groove and that ballad is effortless. They need both of these songs on the album and Infinity. They be joking and playing games man. Plus they only wanna focus on Alicia Keys and sleep on Monica. She definitely deserved that Grammy for Everything to Me. It seems like we like foolishness. I was waiting to hear this song So Bad for so long. I simply love it. Monica you rock! Reppin the 242. Bahamas Baby!! what you think?

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