Random Thoughts: Change.

“Sometimes change is necessary. Even if the only thing that is prompting it is shaking things up and living outside of your safety zone. Sometimes your safety zone can become your achiles heel or your crutch. Live outside of the normal. And do what your gut feels. I guarantee if you do what your gut feels, your failures won’t feel so bad because you went with it and your victories will feel beyond amazing because, you guessed it, YOU WENT WITH IT!” -BMC


One thought on “Random Thoughts: Change.

  1. Its funny how i unlocked my phone and i see your thoughts… im from miami florida, i went with my gut feeling jumped on a plane and came to atlanta to get out my comfort zone to make my dream come to past…. I WANT TO SING… where can i begin? Im clueless but worth the effort… let me be you new project.

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