DOPENESS: Honorable Mention: Bryan-Michael Cox Elected To The 100 Urban Entrepreneurs Advisory Board!


Honorable Mention: Bryan-Michael Cox Elected To The 100 Urban Entrepreneurs Advisory Board!
By: Gyant
Posted: 11/9/2010 4:24:10 PM ET

Shouts to the homie SUPER PRODUCER Bryan-Micheal Cox.

Grammy Award-winning producer Bryan-Michael Cox has been elected to serve on the 100 Urban Entrepreneurs Advisory Board for the 2011-2012 year. An important milestone for Cox, and an honor for 100 Urban Entrepreneurs, the appointment marks the first charity with which Cox has aligned himself. Cox, a long time supporter of underserved youth within the Atlanta community and his hometown of Houston, Texas, believes strongly in the mission of 100 Urban Entrepreneurs and TheCASHFLOW, which is to fund, mentor and educate young urban entrepreneurs in order to start companies and create jobs.

TheCASHFLOW and 100 Urban Entrepreneurs are very excited to partner with Bryan-Michael Cox. Dan Carriere, Chairman of 100 Urban Entrepreneurs, stated, “As we strive to reach our goal to fund 100 urban entrepreneurs, I am personally thrilled to have Bryan-Michael Cox’s support in these efforts. Seeing firsthand his devotion to assisting young entrepreneurs throughout the past year, I know Bryan’s contribution will make a difference.” Due to the large numbers of business submissions in the areas of music, video production, entertainment and publishing, Cox will lend his expertise specifically to young entrepreneurs who are funded in those fields.

Eager to serve as an advisory board member, Cox stated, “As a believer and advocate for entrepreneurship and fostering business development within communities, I am privileged to be a part of 100 Urban Entrepreneurs as they continue to change lives for individuals and urban communities. Access to $10,000 in funding is great, but I’m here to help really shine the spotlight on how important this mentoring opportunity is. These young entrepreneurs need mentors.”



3 thoughts on “DOPENESS: Honorable Mention: Bryan-Michael Cox Elected To The 100 Urban Entrepreneurs Advisory Board!

  1. Congratulations on your new appointment. From Buckwheat vocals to board member. You’ve outdone yourself bruh. lol! Nah really, proud of the accomplishment. Peace

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