Thoughts: Casualties.

In this “war” we call life, there are many “battles”. You win some, you lose some. But even in your victories there will be casualties. All wars have them, so why would “LOVE” be an exception? It’s not. In the end, someone will be hurt. In some cases both will be hurt. You have to find a way to move on and move past it. That’s the way life goes sometimes. It’s not fair.


9 thoughts on “Thoughts: Casualties.

  1. Never been in love, I like taking my time, guess u can say I’m waiting for *The One* quote unquote, I hear people looking for love, wont find it, Ima a home body, I never get out, I go to work come home and get on the lap top everyday! I no I wont find love anytime soon and I’m cool with that, don’t feel like being pressured into anything anyway. Plus ima scorpio we dont play that hurt stuff. lol thanks Guru

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