New Music: Aion Clarke x Bryan-Michael Cox presents “The Leaks”

Check out Aion Clark (formally known as Voyce Alexander) x Bryan-Michael Cox new mixtape “The Leaks”. Contains production from ME, Wyldcard, Noah “40” Shebib, D. Scantz & State of Emergency, and Dru Castro. FIRE R&B!!!


Click here to download.


5 thoughts on “New Music: Aion Clarke x Bryan-Michael Cox presents “The Leaks”

  1. Thank you kindly, there’s nothing like real rnb music. And also thanks for keeping em coming you never disappoint I’m always inspired by your music.

  2. I downloaded this mixtape last night and I gotta say this is the hottest shit in R&B right now. Aion’s great singing along with tracks from B. Cox and a few others……this shoulda been an album. Bryan if you should see this, remember me. @GiftedOne_ESA on twitter. Not to mention you sent me a belated birthday shout during a live chat. great job ya’ll. I wanna hear more of this……….Stay GIFTED!!!

  3. Mr. Bryan-Michael Cox – you are a genius man! This mixtape is the hottest r&b mixtape I’ve ever heard in my life! I think it’s so bad how society nowadays doesn’t appreciate r&b music like they used to…r&b is the music that sets the mood for couples – it’s the music that has the best relationship with LOVE in my honest opinion…The music in “THE LEAK” mixtape are amazin’! And most importantly, the lyrics are very relatable – the story in the music gets embraced in a way that makes me respect and love the music even more…

    Mr. Bryan-Michael Cox – you’re definitely an idol big homey…This mixtape is pure crack!!!! Smh…



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