New Music: Aion Clarke “I’m Coming”

New single from Aion Clarke x Bryan-Michael Cox’s “The Leaks” mixtape. Produced by: ME.



7 thoughts on “New Music: Aion Clarke “I’m Coming”

  1. Love the feel of this! The bridges are smooth as hell and the strings in the chorus got me. The second part of the “middle 8” is cool.. just rock with me, just rock with me lol. Brilliant song! wish all music was as good as this right here! Ive no idea where proper R&B has gone but its hard as f*%k to find now.

  2. Nice song. Its the type of song that you can dance to and also lay back and chill to with wine. Bryan, your voice adds a nice touch.

  3. OMG Bry, you guys did an amazing job with this collab.
    I listen this song everytime my hubby’s around so when he’s not this is the song i turn to.
    P.S. cnt wait to see you again

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