Food for thought:

Does ART imitate LIFE or does LIFE imitate the ART? I have so many songs to write. If only you knew….



6 thoughts on “Thoughts:

  1. Art imitates life. Period. Our lives are filled with stories, flaws and emotions. Life (the ultimate creation of art made by God) is what inspires us to create art. There is nothing more beautiful than life. But, to create art on a canvas, through a song, or another type of creative medium, this is also powerful. Think of your own inspirations and where they are derived from. – Erica


  2. Hey B:

    I believe that at times our lives are inspired by art and at others our art reflects our lives.

    Depends on where we are in life 🙂

  3. I am really looking forward to many more songs from you. Not just production wise, but your lyrics also have many elements to them that really stick in my brain.

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