Thoughts: Emotions

Emotions are the feelings that directly dictate our personalities. Emotions are the gateway to our soul. That’s why some of us guard our feelings and emotions so tightly. You ever here the phrase, “Not wearing your heart on your sleeve”? Well, that is just another way of saying “Don’t leave your gateway door open for all to see”. Unfortunately we live in a world where we use emotion to manipulate each other. We use emotion as a weapon to find out eachother’s weaknesses because THAT is where our weaknesses hide. Deep in our emotions. If all of us could live without emotion there would be no hate, but on the other hand there would be no LOVE. And what’s world without that grand feeling of LOVE. Take care of your emotions. Understand that there is power in your emotions and never take them for granted.

God. Love. Life. Music.



4 thoughts on “Thoughts: Emotions

  1. There is a quote by Vincent Van Gogh that states, “Let’s not forget that the little emotions are the great captains of our lives and we obey them without realizing it.” Our feelings, ranging from joy to hurt to disappointment to excitement all arise from out of nowhere sometimes and takes over. That is why its easy to say “I understand” to someone but a different matter when you are going through yourself. The way we handle emotions makes all the difference in the world. If it is done in a positive way, then the results are far more favorable than handling it in a negative way. AND YOU ARE RIGHT – people do use emotion to manipulate one another.

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