Remix: “Mirror” (Club Mix)

I thought I’d post the remix. The homie Brian at posted it today. This remix was prodcued by my good friends Tommy Gee and Sam I Am with a little help from me. I have been testing this joint in various clubs, obviously not “urban”, and I have been getting a great response. Of course no one knew who was singing the record so the response that I was getting was a true one.

God. Love. Life. Music. Exposed.



6 thoughts on “Remix: “Mirror” (Club Mix)

  1. I Think this is a great record and I can appreciate you not coming in the same old traditional R&B lane and doing something that I think could really pop! I stay admiring your work whether as a producer, songwriter or artist!

  2. I am loving this track from the instrumentals, the beat, the melody and the words. I could definitely relate! I am proud of you my CAU homie!

  3. People listen to the story (lyrics) you may flip some people out if they pay attention to this in the clubs. Get ’em LTL!!!

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