Song of The Day: “Superwoman (Part 1)” Lil Mo

You ever wonder why Lil’ Mo’s hit record “Superwoman (Part 2)” was called part 2??? Well here is the first version that I did with my talented sister Mo. This joint was never released but I have always loved this version and couldn’t find it until I went to a record store in LA and saw it and couldn’t believe it!! I had to buy it. I converted it to a mp3 and now it is here for your listening enjoyment. This is one of my favorite productions and Mo is sick on that pen!


One thought on “Song of The Day: “Superwoman (Part 1)” Lil Mo

  1. Man…I love this song, I used to play it all of the time in my dj sets. I think I still have the record and it should be somewhere on one of my hard drives. BCox over the years I’ve been checking back on songs that “spoke” to me and it’s amazing that in every case you are behind them. Thanks for the great music.

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