Thoughts: “Never miss a good thing until it’s good and gone.” (Lyric from “Mirror” -BMC)

Have you ever had something incredible, a love incredible, and let it slip away? Then once you realized that you lost the love of your life, it was too late to do something about it? Tell me your thoughts….



5 thoughts on “Thoughts: “Never miss a good thing until it’s good and gone.” (Lyric from “Mirror” -BMC)

  1. I spend 2 years and a half with a girl in France. I left her for another girl, when I realized I still loved her, it was too late…

    Bryan, your lyrics are really inspiring…

  2. There was a point in my life when I felt like I had lost the love of my life. The details of how/why ol’ dude and I fell off are irrelevant today but I still remember how I felt. I was afraid that never again would I be able to love someone like that… flaws and all. I was afraid that never again would I share a spiritual connection with someone the way I had with him. It took some time but eventually I made the decision to let fear (and all thoughts of possibly getting back with ol dude) go.

    People have so many opinions and definitions of what they think love is but God is love so I choose to follow the definition He left us in 1 Corinthians 13. I feel that in order to truly be able to love someone I have to be patient, kind, humble, trusting, unselfish, truthful, forgiving, easygoing, and hopeful as the scripture suggests. I can honestly say that I think that I embody those characteristics today and I didn’t before.

    I think you said it best when you said that we have to “learn from our mistakes, do it right and try again.” Today I look at love as more of a principle than a feeling so as I enter into new relationships I understand that although my feelings about this person may change and unfortunately our relationship always has the potential to fail, the principle of love cannot fail; therefore I will be able to love again.

    • Wow V. Unique,
      “Looking at love as more of a principle than a feeling” you really said something there. I never thought about it like that. Although I haven’t let someone slip away, I have been the one that someone let slip away. I know that love will find me again & it will be that 1 Corinthians 13 kind of love. Both of us growing in love together.

  3. Yep…

    You know what B? I had a love… A love that I once knew. Love that, when it was fresh, would ooze through my pores, like a drunken sweat… but yet remain so aromatic to my nostrils. Call it an abusive love. It could damn near strangle you, but you find a way to obsess over the handprints on your neck. A love brand new. Everyday it would recreate itself. Love so deep that it drowned me. Luckily I revived myself through the process of creation. I turned this love into an art form of my own. An art that was, and will always be, true to myself…

    I’ve been in love with music ever since 1980. It was just puppy-love at that point. I was just barely born and could only appreciate the melodic vibes that accompanied a rhythmic sound. Music. A scientific AND mathematical ART. Wow. Instantly taken, I was…into the endless realms of creativity.

    BUT… it was in 1988… when I was playing in the backyard, listening to DJ Red Alert on the radio, in the heart of New York City on a sweltering summer day….that I heard the piece of art that would forever change my perspective on this art form known as music. “Ain’t No Half-steppin'” by Big daddy Kane blared through the speakers and straight through my young musical soul. The lyrics spoke directly to my (already sarcastic) young sense of rhetoric. The BEAT took control of my physical in a way that none other had before. It was at that moment that I’d fallen into a deeper brand of love. This was the very beginning.. of The Golden Era of Hip Hop.

    I became a tenacious writer. Writing rhymes, song lyrics, poems, stories, you name it. If the vision made an appearance in my head, I could make it sound good on paper and then through my voicebox. I grew up battling MC’s far and wide, winning competitions through every borough in NYC. Began to meet and greet some of the industry professionals. Somewhere in the mix, I noticed that my love was changing. It was being manipulated by different people. People other than the ones that created it with love, care, and genuine inspiration.

    My love was being taken captive. What can I… or will I do to stop it???

    What do I do? Without a definitive answer, OR a team of go-getters behind me… I slowly faded into the background. I delved into fashion, photography, music production and consultation… things that I was GOOD at… but not my true passion. I am a writer by nature. My love for music can deliver ANY genre of music through my mind’s ink pen. But yet I was patient with my love. Patiently waiting for it to return to me, through one of my favorite artists, in the same manner that it came to me in the 1st place.

    People would constantly ask.. “When will we hear YOU on the radio?” I’d respond, “I just need a dedicated team. Let’s put our money together and fund the project.” I honestly never knew that I’d bear witness to so many people tap-dancing with sneakers on. And quite skillfully, might I add. So for years to come, I’d be known as that talented artist that deserves a spot in the forefront, but the guy that everyone rooted for from afar b/c noone had the money to invest. Being as charming and stunningly handsome as I am, I suppose they all thought that I could actually make it all by myself. “Oh he’ll be alright…I mean look at him…!” LOL. (J/k) Seriously though.. seriously joking.

    Well, here I am. 2010. Still lyrically one of the best. Still in absolute LOVE with the art. Missing many of the fallen greats. Wanting to carry the torch for them… My love is still missing. It’s occurred to me though, that I would have to revive this thing myself… They say God blesses the child that holds his own.

    Hence, my single. On iTunes now. I am Steven Christopher, affectionately known by friends and fam as “S.C.”.

    Preview and download it here. >>

    “A Lil Bit (Of You)” produced by the Legendary Dame Grease. Enjoy. And when you’re done, enjoy it again. Then share with your friends and family. I’m just dope enough for this to all work problem-free.

    Thanks for reading. I miss my love. Watch my story unfold. It’s a great one. I left out most of the details purposely. Didn’t want to spoil the movie. 😉


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