Song of The Day: Today “Him Or Me?”

I said that the next couple songs I highlight are going to pay tribute to my favorite producer of all time, Mr. Teddy Riley. I thought that I would post Today’s “Him Or Me?” from their 1988 debut album on Motown. Teddy was on one when he made this joint. The bass line, drum programming, with the sultry chords make for a new jack gem!!!! How could you not rock to this joint????!!!!!!!!



4 thoughts on “Song of The Day: Today “Him Or Me?”

  1. haha make me wanna start doing the kid n play or somethen! People really danced!! in the 70’s 80’s !! I been watching the old Soul Train show latley and I wish people danced like that now, well not exactley like them lol. I wish people stop standing on the wall all night!

  2. Stylistically Teddy is dope. He always had tight song modes, vocal arrangements, drums, (forward thinking chord progressions) etc. He’s like a hybrid of fusing Dr. Dre and Babyface, if you will. Not too hip hop…and not too soft. The talkbox shit sends that nigga out of the park. You up there too! I like the shit you did for Day 26. Your white boy got me ready to go to SAE. PEACE!

  3. Yeah Bryan this is my song for life. My elementary school bus driver with the curl (What up j) use to stop by this woman’s house. He use to play this song I guess to get mentally ready. She was pretty, she always laughed and asked how I was doing. So I jammed to this song because of the bass line to. I usta woop to this, hahahahah

  4. Teddy Riley is the absolutely one of the best to do it B.Cox I’m a fan 😉 Many people don’t give respect where its due but the new Jack swing area was serious!

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