New Music: BMC “Mirror”

….taken from The Love: Exposed.

Everybody wanna talk about LOVE, well let’s talk….



11 thoughts on “New Music: BMC “Mirror”

  1. Like this song, its real talk; As a female, the 2nd verse gave me something to think about – reminded me of your tweet talking about passing up a good thing. I think its all about filtering through shallow standards and looking for someone who loves you for you, how you feel in their presence, aside from the exterior.
    Great song, love the bride breakdown, that made me want to hear the song in the beginning. This song feels like therapy 🙂

  2. Bryan I absolutely love this song and I can’t stop playing it. “Mirror” has already become my new favorite song. I definitely will be buying the album when it drops. “Mirror” is a hit!!!

  3. I watched the making of this song on youtube soo many times! Couldn’t wait to hear the full version and i like it. I feel like somethings missing but over all I cant wait for the album! Good look Texas Ranger!

  4. Yo! You right for this song mayne! You hittin subjects sum artists shy away from… This is RnB mayne… You savin it! Keep It Up!

  5. B. Cox! I love this song. The lyrics are def real talk. CAnnot wait til you drop your cd. Bring back real music!

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