Thoughts: What is your definition of pop music????

When I think of pop music, I think of what pop actually stands for which is “popular”. So lets take that word popular and define it. Popular (adj): liked, admired, or enjoyed by many people or by a particular person or group. Now my question to you is, Is that a genre? Is that one particular sound? When I look at the billboard Hot 100 chart (which is the pop chart), I see all styles of music on there. I see rock, rap, r&b, dance, gospel, and country. So when an A&R tells me that they need a pop smash, I always have the confused look. Like, to me “We Belong Together” is an R&B song, “Burn” is an R&B song but these songs ended up being big pop records. To me pop music simply means when your record is able to crossover to a more broad audience. “Crank That” by Souljaboytellem is a rap record but it also went pop. To me that’s what songs do “go pop”. I don’t think we intentionally try to make “pop” music because how can you make “pop” if no one has heard it yet to make it popular? So my advice to executives when they are describing what they need, instead of saying we need a pop smash, say we need a record that can crossover. We shouldn’t compromise what we do as artists and creative people. Let’s continue to make music that touch people and the joints will “crossover”.

God. Love. Life. Music.



13 thoughts on “Thoughts: What is your definition of pop music????

  1. I agree with you 100 percent. Record executives needs to understand that it doesn’t matter if the song is Hip-Hop, country, R&B or even gospel, a good song would crossover if the masses love said song! The producers or the artists shouldn’t have to compromise who they’re are just to please the other side. And if it doesn’t cross over, that’s okay too because there’s plenty of songs in the past that didn’t and are still till this day a classic!

  2. I personally think pop music is defined as anything that the young generation as well as the older generation in the 25 to like late 30’s or somewhere in there, can listen to and appreciate (like). Soulja Boy’s “Crank That” was a good example because it was a catchy dance and was clean and innovative. Kids as well as teens and young adults loved that. Soulja Boy collabed with Justin Beiber on “Rich Girl” and that made it learn more towards pop because of Justin Beiber. Its sometimes labeled as who’s on the song that makes it pop. In essence, I don’t think there are no guidelines for pop music as there are for rap, country, rnb, gospel, etc. I think your right as far as what Pop music is, Popular (adj): liked, admired, or enjoyed by many people or by a particular person or group.

  3. That’s a deep post and a nice way to put things in perspective. Most artist make music that feels good to them, reflects their community or their life experiences. When you start to tailor your music based off of what is getting the most bds spins then I feel you are catering to a pop audience. At that point the main drive is to piggyback off of someone else’s sound and ride their wave. I wouldn’t classify pop music as a genre but I would say the public ultimately decides the success of your record it can’t be forced into a genre. Good music is GOOD music!

  4. When I think of pop, (N’SYNC – Pop) song, pops in my head lol, I don’t no why it does but it does. I think of pop as bubbly, dancing music. Never paid attention to the top billboard charts to notice souilja boy and all these other people on there. Not to be bias but I only thought pop was the white genre. Now I have learned somethen new!Its like I new, but I didn’t (If that makes sense).
    Much love B.Cox appreciate your blog post.

  5. Amen my brother!! Well said! Let’s just make good music and be happy with that, but real talk, half of the execs at the labels are not music people, can’t produce, can’t write, and can’t sing. Most of them including the A&R’s are just a bunch of hustlers and marketing experts who decided to fall into the music businees. That’s why we have this problem!!

  6. most people when they hear the word pop music they think of groups like backstreet boys, nsync, britney spears,etc. But just like you perfectly described pop actually derives from popular which means that it is liked by all kind of people and thus can be any kind of genre that is liked by more than one certain audience

  7. B.Cox you better do your thing I love your blog! I agree totally I say continue to make songs that touch the heart and soul of music as a whole and people in general and if its felt enough it will cross over. people love something that they can feel in their hearts and if there is nothing behind an official ‘pop’ record it means nothing to the people.

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