Song of The Day: “Can We” SWV

This takes me back to when I first started my journey as a producer. This was my shit. Missy & Timbaland was ahead of their time.



3 thoughts on “Song of The Day: “Can We” SWV

  1. I remember when this came out this had people going nuts and got major radio play in VA! I remember hearing this song in Va Beach and seeing Tim driving down the strip in a Lambo I believe it was! Wow!

  2. I remember when music use to be fun to create… It’s so corp. now it’s crazy….. this used to have the club going crazy! The supa dupa fly record all of that early, aaliyah! I see you, Boss! I’m about to go kick something like this when I hit the studio tonight! God Bless!

  3. I love this song. I can hear a little bit of that mid 90s Timbo/Missy sound in you, BMC. This song is also one of my favourite jamz of all time!!! Good to know that you and I love some of the same -ish!!!!

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