Congrats to my sis, Monica!!!!

Monica’s album “Still Standing” came out this past Tuesday and sold 70K units on the first day!!! They are predicting that she will sell over 200K in her first week!!!! And I just found out that “Everything To Me” will chart number one on the Billboard R&B Charts in the upcoming week! I am very proud that Monica picked me to Executive Produce her album. We worked really hard and long to give the fans what we felt like they wanted and needed from Monica. She is an incredible person who has already accomplished so much at such a young age and this is the perfect way for her to come back. The way she started, completely true to herself and singing & writing exactly what she feels. I’ve known Mo for about 10 years even though she is younger than me, she has always come across as a “big” sister to me. She has always believed in me and she believed in me at a time when even some of the people who are closest to me started to doubt me and my history. I thank God for the bond that myself, Kendrick, Monica, and Melinda have developed and that LOVE and dedication was put into this project. The people have spoken. Thank you Mo. Love you…


4 thoughts on “Congrats to my sis, Monica!!!!

  1. Congratulations on the success of this album! I’ve been waiting for another album from Monica and she TRULY laid it down on this one. Every since the release date it’s the only music I’ve been listening to everyday. I feel something and even nostalgic when hearing certain songs. “Still Standing” is a GREAT album! Even if everything was stripped from the songs and all you get is her voice, it would be so beautiful. So thank you Bryan & Mo creating and sharing this with us. MUAH

  2. b cox i been looking for this song, do you still got seven picture this on your computer, thats my favorite song next too deemi first time and melrose get it goin

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