VINTAGE: EPMD “So What Cha Sayin?”

takes me back to them apartments i lived in on fondren & beechnut. fonvilla. also takes me back to fondren super skate. “so what cha sayin” was one of my favorite epmd records.


2 thoughts on “VINTAGE: EPMD “So What Cha Sayin?”

  1. People really don’t know about them 45’s with the instrumentals on the back!! The game is going to go right back to samples we have no choice. In today’s world of fruity loops you have to go back to the source of the funk and that’s them records with live instruments. Someone once told me that the reason why live instruments sound so much be then programed music is because there is a heart beat attached to each instrument.

    Over that Roger how could EMPD lose?


  2. would u replace your korg for the open labs workstation, i heard its the best keyboard out right now, and i love you sub bass when it come to the bridge, u the best, i hope u produce me a song one day

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