During Grammy weekend, I was hanging out with my agents and couple of friends in LA. We did karaoke and someone said to me “You have a great voice, you should make an album.” and another said, “I didn’t know that you could sing like that?” And that prompted me to write this blog, because lately I have been getting that burning question, “When are you going to be finished with The LOVE: Exposed?” or “Why haven’t you made an album?” Well, here is my thesis on the subject. FYI, I will finish this album by the summer. Hopefully, I’ll get a record deal… LOL!

The LOVE: Exposed…

The Love: Exposed is a journey through the ups and downs of living the single life. The excitement of having the freedom, not being locked down to one person. Dating, clubbing, & the concept of hooking up (safely, of course). All the way to the very day you meet the one who would change your life forever. The one you would LOVE. Of course you would love others before HER but, when she comes along you would finally feel the potential of being “in” LOVE. Therefore for me to have a complete thought from an album perspective, I have to tell the whole story. From the lust, to the time you and a “friend” crossed that line, to the desire to want multiple women, to the time you think you found the one but she wasn’t it, to the moment you felt played, to the moment when you played someone, to that very moment you wake up and LOVE is knocking on your front door. And it’s HER.

Just like living the single life was a process, being in Love with HER is also a process. You have to pace the speed of the courtship. You have to see past infatuations. Because in my opinion that love between a man and a woman starts at infatuation. And most people confuse the 2. Whether it’s the infatuation of the beautiful shape of woman, to the infatuation of your stimulating conversations, to your spiritual connection. Yes, I said SPIRITUAL! The beautiful thing about life is that we all are connected spiritually. And everything about LOVE is everything about GOD. Then the moment you realize the potential of this LOVE and decide to move forward in a full fledge relationship. When that happens, all other extra curricular activities should end. All that does is cause more confusion. If you are going to make it work with HER it has to be about HER. The longing for their presence, the smell of their scent. The comfort of another woman just isn’t acceptable. You absolutely long for her and only her. I digress.

One important element is you never know how LIFE plays out, you just got to live. And with this album I’m living it as I make it. I understand now that I am gonna have to put a cap on it soon or it will never be finished, it’ll just turn into my personal soundtrack of my life and you all will never hear it! Lol. So, I am committing to completing chapter one. Yes, I am breaking it up in chapters. Lol.

For example: Some of the earlier songs like “Daybreak”, “Angel”, “Mesmerized”, & “All I Want Is You” were written at a time in my life when these things rang true to where I was at that time. When I first started, the album was going to be called “The Beautiful Life According to the Words & Sounds of Bryan-Michael Cox.” It was inspired my time between NY & LA in 2007. Sonically & emotionally. They stayed ideas then I brought them home & worked them. AND re-worked them. And re-worked them again. So for about 2 years these were the only songs I would work on for my album.

Shit happened I ran out of things to say. I went on a small tour for Heineken. Then stopped recording.

Then just like that, I had an experience and wrote a song called “Mirror”. And that’s when the whole “Love Guru” thing came to life. I spoke to a dear friend and she said that I should call the book and album “The Love: Exposed”. So now, I am engulfed in the completion of this thought. And soon you all will hear it when it comes to life. Of course I am writing and producing it with some help from my family: State of Emergency, Kendrick “Wyldcard” Dean, Aion Clarke, Johnta Austin & Adonis Shropshire.


2 thoughts on “THE LOVE EXPOSED.

  1. Long story short, you cannot complete the album until you complete the journey. I pray that your journey will end soon and you will then begin a new chapter in your life. My philosophy is if it happens for you (or anyone else) it can happen for me. I decided to start blogging my life as a single woman in her 30’s….. Needless to say, I found it’s harder to talk about it, than it is to live it. I enjoy reading your blogs… Take care!

  2. wow…this is really inspirational, impressing… the way u describe everything is so real and so true.
    thank you for sharing thoughts like this… sometimes we have to walk a road before we find the real love. “One important element is you never know how LIFE plays out, you just got to live”!!! i ll just say u have to live every moment till the end and never regret what u’ve done, and just live the real life!
    peace all the way from russia!
    waitin for the new live video from the studio!

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