Today, I made the decision to leave twitter. If I had pondered it any longer I might not have gotten off of it but my life is changing DRASTICALLY and though I am absolutely cool with it, I feel like now I have to embrace the change and more importantly embrace my privacy during this change. Much love to all of the people who followed me over the past year in twitter land. There will be an official studioexposed twitter page up soon. Both Breht & I will utilize it.



  1. Awww, I’ll miss all of your random words of wisdom and you reminiscing on some of the greatest songs ever. I pray for nothing but courage and strength during your changes in life. Enjoy the ride!

  2. My point exactly. The man to be is the nigga with the money that nobody knows. You are REALLY living the life more then anybody I know. Stay low key and keep getting your bread. Fame is a curse. I just want the money to take care of the people I love, the rest of the people don’t matter..



    What about MEEEEE? Who’s gonna do the greatest songs ever listing? What about the daily inspirational quotes? Remember the late night club scene twitpics?!…Remember the times B. Cox…Remember the times..

    ::grabs tissue::

  4. Definitely understand that you want to maintain your privacy but I will definitely be missing the Love Guru and his insight. Wish you nothing but the best

  5. Hope all is well. Will miss the Love Guru,the random thoughts and the songs list on twitter. Although I know it’s not the end, will lookout for your book. Wishing you peace, love, and happiness πŸ™‚

  6. Damn U Not On Twitter No More, U Should See My Blog Page, I Got My Music Library On Their Bout U, But One More Question, Wats Better The Open Lab Workstation Or Your Korg

  7. I’m sad you’re gone!:( Well I hope you will keep your blog updated with the artist you’re working with. Just dont leave LTL or im gonna have a Heart-attack!! πŸ™‚ Enjoy your privacy you deserve it.

  8. So sad to see you go! I will definitely miss the late random tweets, the Love Guru quotes (can’t wait for the CD and book:)), and the lists of the best music with videos from youtube lol! Oh well, if there is no change in life then you are not living. Change is the evidence of life. I pray that whatever your change may be, that is only for the best. You are a man of substance and great creativity. Continue to create, strive for the best, and love God! Nothing but success and I’ll be looking for my updates on your blog:) .1love.

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