Thoughts: Does distance make the heart grow fonder?

I was thinking about this today, does a little bit of distance help your relationship grow? I say yes. I feel like a little distance creates enough space for you to miss your mate. Keeping it fresh is what I like to call it. I’ve seen so many relationships completely suffer because of “smothering”. Of course when you are in a relationship it is completely a team effort but you are still an individual and need your space somethimes. Of course there has to be balance, being gone ALL of time is just not gonna work because in order for a seed to grow you must fertilize it, water it, and give it sunshine. If not the seed will not grow into that beautiful flower. However if you give it too much sun or too much water you could kill it. So you have to be very careful how you handle the distance/space in your relationship. Tell me what you all think about the statement “Distance makes the heart grow fonder”?

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8 thoughts on “Thoughts: Does distance make the heart grow fonder?

  1. “Distance makes the heart grow fonder” only if both parties in the relationship have a strong emotional/spiritual connection to each other. If it’s based more on the physical, then it will backfire and then the equally true statement “Distance makes the heart wander” will occur.

  2. I think a little distance is good in a relationship. It gives each person time to evaluate the relationship and see if the good times out weigh the bad times. And if the good time win, then it is good money when you see each other again.

  3. I think that distance can be a good thing in moderation. Sometimes I think people get into serious relationships and try to hold on to their individuality too much and start to really shut out the other person but on the other hand everybody deserves some me time every now and again.

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