Thoughts: Happy New Years!

TRUTH: We all make big plans to change certain things in the new year but the reality is LIFE is about growth and even though change doesn’t happen overnight or because of “January 1st” we all have one thing in common: WE DESIRE TO BE BETTER AND TO DO BETTER. There are so many things that I can list about myself that I want to change in the new year but I also want to look back on all of the lessons that I have learned and ask myself have I applied my learning or do I need a little more work in that area? This year I plan to be focused and work smarter, not harder. That means being very specific about the projects that I will take on. Making sure that I am passionate about them and of course that the money is what I need it to be. It also means that I am going to be spending more time in LA because for me that is the next plateau. I love Atlanta and there is a kinetic energy that keeps me here, sooooo with that said I am not ready to totally give it up but I do need to be somewhere where I can totally take advantage of my artistic abilities. I WILL TAKE A DAMN VACATION THIS YEAR!
I will allow myself to enjoy LOVE. You all have heard me talk about LOVE all year and yet I still had a guard up, this year I am allowing whatever to happen to just happen and experience LOVE in a relationship on a full scale. AND WITH A PLAN. 🙂

These are just a few things that I am looking to deal with in the new year, like I said this is not an overnight process but fortunately I have been heading in that direction for a few months so, it’s gradually going to move like I need it to.



10 thoughts on “Thoughts: Happy New Years!

  1. I really appreciated this entry. Thank you for it. I agree, the best thing we can do is learn from our experiences, and open ourselves up to new ones. That is what life is all about. I look forward to hearing more from you in the future. You are one talented individual. Blessings!

  2. Nice! Going forward I’m going to be more grateful and not take people and time for granted…and once again get in the gym!

  3. Well it is 1:27am here in Texas and we officially are in 2010 people! As always I am inspired by your B Cox! I have some resolutions of my own or life changes I like to say! I plan to give 150,000% to my music this year and really just taking risks and seeing where that takes me. More than anything else I want to bring more happiness to my family overall. 2009 was a little rough but I believe in the power of the spoken word and I believe that 2010 is going to hold some great treasures.

  4. Happy New Years Bryan! Bryan all the things you desire for 2010 come to pass
    if you focus on it in the right way. Whatever you focus on grows. THE LAW OF LIFE IS THE LAW OF BELIEF.

  5. Happy New Years Bryan! Bryan all the things you desire for 2010 can come to pass if you focus on it in the right way. Whatever you focus on grows. THE LAW OF LIFE IS THE LAW OF BELIEF. All you have to do is to see yourself mentally with whatever you desire, before long you will have it. BELIEF is a thought in the mind with emotions. THOUGHTS are things. According to your belief let it be done unto you.

  6. Happy New Years everyone!

    Bryan, I definitely feel you on allowing LOVE to happen. I’m only 26 and still have not been truly in love. I’ve always had and still have a HUGE guard up to not allow people in. Of course we all have our own reasons why we keep those barriers up, but I’ve realized that I need to just let go & stop trying to push people away once they get too close.

    Thanks for sharing this with us and I pray for nothing but the best for you!

  7. Thanks for sharing. My desire for the new years is to build a better relationship with God and I truly believe with that done everything else will fall into place. Also, as you said, I’m going to allow myself to let LOVE happen. I’ve had a guard up for years and quick to walk away from something before I get hurt. I think in the process I’ve created such a huge wall. I’m ready to break that wall down. Falling in love is a great experience once we allow ourselves to experience it. I have a certain picture on my desktop of President Obama and Michelle & the way he looks at her in this picture is breathtaking. I hope to find a LOVE with the same intense look in his eyes when he looks at me… 2010 is “our” year. I hope you keep us included in your journey for love. Take care and Happy New Years…


    P.S. I welcome you to California with open arms… : )

  8. Your words always hit home for me. We definately had to go through alot of similar things last year. I’m trying for the same changes. I naver let my guard down but im sure thats why im alone. I’ll pray for you, if you pray for me.

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