I always try to find old pics of me and my Mom and post them on her birthday. This year was a trying year on me and my Mom’s relationship but we always seem to pull through. I have learned a lot about her through this process. I have always adored my Mom and growing is so hard to do but this year was a testiment that growing up is necessary and my Mom is not afraid to let me grow up. This year she also gave me some insight on the dynamic between her and my biological father and she basically told me the entire story. I found it very interesting becasue now I could finally fill in the gaps of my life. My mom and her sisters raised me and my cousins with all the love in the world and in hindsight we didn’t miss out on nothing. We had a blast and even through the tough times we continue to have a blast!!!!

Mommie, I love you. You are the greatest. Happy Birthday.
Love, Tay-Lo.


5 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!

  1. Bryan you have an incredible gift of awareness. That may be one of the reasons why you are incredibly influential in the music industry. As a woman who went through an intense year with family facts and truths I recognize the need and how it can help prepare us for a better tomorrow.I also come from a family where our moms raised us(my cousins/siblings & myself) as brothers and sisters. Your mother is already proud and incredibly strong (that’s obvious). I hope you made her day amazing. God bless
    God. Love. Language. Beauty. Joy. Love (again-Happy Birthday ma-ma B-Cox)

  2. Happy Birthday Ma-Ma B.Cox! Bryan your talent is divine and your humility is an ideal platform for greatness. Greater things…!!!!
    God. Love. Language. Beauty. Laughter. Love(again) Our trials with those that are close embodies a strength we could have never possessed other wise…until next time

  3. Happy belated birthday to your mum!!! God bless her and your aunts for raising such a terrific guy!

    I heard your speech at your induction into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame, and I’m glad your mum was ‘selfish’ by wanting to live, and take care of you, and raise you herself.

    I am also glad that you guys worked out the kinks in the relationship.

    This year…or should I say this holiday season also brought about hostility b/n my Mum and I.
    I live in a different country than my parents and brother, and for the 2nd year running, I was unable to go home and share the holidays with my family.
    I was resentful and refused to speak to any of them, and when I did, I must admit that I was rude.
    My mum and I finally worked things out yesterday. And we are back to being the best of friends!!!

    These things happen, its only natural as human beings, but if there is LOVE…there is EVERYTHING a person needs.

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