Thoughts: DECEMBER 15th

*December 15th has been officially documented as “Bryan-Michael Cox Day” in Houston TX.
*June 24th is already officially “Bryan-Michael Cox” Day in Atlanta, GA.
GOD IS GOOD. What a way to end the year. Top songwriter/producer of the decade and now I have my own day in my hometown!
I have been through a lot this year. And I look at everything as a learning experience preparing me for my future. Growing up. Finally. Leaving all childish things behind and making my mark as a MAN. I have already made my mark as a creative person. But now it’s time to make my mark as man with purpose. And start living for my legacy.
One day, I am going to win a lifetime achievement award. That is my ultimate professional goal. One day, I will have a family and watch my legacy grow. That is a personal goal. And one day, I will make it into heaven. That is my LIFE goal.

God. Love. Life. Music. Love (AGAIN)


10 thoughts on “Thoughts: DECEMBER 15th

  1. Congradulations! As a Black man, you have provided a standard, as a Man, you have proven your growth, and as a Godly man, you have expressed your ambition and dedication to serve as an example of God’s love. Keep up the good work and continue to be an inspiration.

  2. You know what B.Cox I am so Happy that the World finally sees how talented you are! You deserve this & so much more. I know all you Goals will be accomplished. 🙂

  3. Man your humble persona is unreal! By now any other producer would have gotten a huge head and started thinking they were the best thing since sliced bread. I am in awe of your abilities as a producer but als your integrity as a man!

  4. Bryan you are a very extraordinary man. Keep shining because your light reaches more than you know. May God continue to Bless you!

  5. You have always been an EXTREMELY talented man Mr. Cox. I have been a admirer of yours long before I even knew what you looked like. I remember the first time I did see you on “Making the Band” I couldn’t believe all of that talent came from such a young man. You remind me alot of Smokey Robinson. My mom was a singer and admired the same qualities in him. You will definately achieve your goal of being a lifetime achiever. And I am sure (from reading you blogs, following your tweets, and watching LTL) will make a great husband and father. So keep up the good work!

  6. Mr. Cox. You really deserve it all. And I’m pretty sure every year will just get better and better. You’re really one of the reasons why I want to make it to the music business and show what I love to do the most. And I’m pretty sure sure also that everyone had, have to start from the bottom to reach the top, huh?. But I believe you have to give to receive, pray and always be positive about your ambitions. Once again. Congratulations and I wish you more success in your life, especially love life!

  7. I am so happy for you and all your success, you deserve it B. Cox… I have watched you over the years and heard how your musical talent has just evolved. I am so proud of and all of you achievements. Keep up the good work and watch how everything will fall into place; family and goals. Just continue to be the person you are and continue to do what you do the best. Congrats and wishing you continued success, Ms. Tiffany

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