Congrats to my best friend Robert Glasper on his Grammy Nomination!!!!! Mama Kim is sitting up in heaven looking down extremely proud of you doc. NIGGA, I TOLD YOU THAT YOU WERE GONNA GET NOMINATED!!!!!!
I should have bet you!!!!

Love your brother,


3 thoughts on “Congrats!!!!

  1. i remember when Rob came to the studio in New York and played us the album before it was even mixed…. and i also remember YOU saying that he would get nominated for a Grammy, well you got my vote 1000%…… this album is truly a masterpiece !!! and what a title “Double Booked” such a great title, Congrats Rob !!!! i just feel honored to know you personally !!!

    you rock !!!


  2. Just wanted to say I became of Robert’s music when I was watching the seminar you and Sam were giving at SAE and you mentioned that you are a fan of Robert’s. Anyway googled him and checked out his music and copped his music immediately. Very talented brother and I love the sort of hiphop flavor he brings to jazz music. Never had the pleasure of meeting him but you can now add me to the fan list.

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