I actually went to the record store last Tuesday!

More like Border’s Books but it felt like the record store none the less. I bought Leona Lewis, Trey Songz, Ryan Leslie & John Mayer. I was very pleased with my purchases especially John Mayer’s. Make sure you go and support these artists and pick the albums up. Trey & Ryan put out incredible R&B albums. GO GET THEM!!!!!!!



5 thoughts on “I actually went to the record store last Tuesday!

  1. I have the Ryan Leslie album as well as the John Mayer album. I am a huge John Mayer fan since “Why Georgia” on the first album and was very pleased with the new one. Ryan Leslie I think delivered the best R&B album I have heard in awhile. My personal faves are “Zodiac” and I Choose U”. Curious though B Cox….. when can we expect to hear your album or is that no longer happening?

  2. I actually went and bought a cd today too-not a digital copy,i physical one like back in the ol days lol for the first time in years.
    i’m gonna get the john mayer one-im a fan of his music.

  3. I pre-ordered John Mayer & I’m goin to his concert in Feb in Nashville. I’m tooooooo excited. But yes, the album is GREAT! I also pre-ordered Trey of course I love that one (but secretly I’m still in love with his Anticipation mixtape).

    I need to check out Ryan & Leona. I have her first album. The girl can “sang” her butt off. I did just buy Melanie Fiona’s album the other day…i like her a lot. Check her out too Brian

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