Song of the Day: “Fantasy” Earth, Wind, & Fire

One of my favorite songs. From one of my favorite albums. Period. If you don’t own EWF’s “All ‘N All”, you absolutely need that in your life.



4 thoughts on “Song of the Day: “Fantasy” Earth, Wind, & Fire

  1. Hey B-cox first of all let me say that i love this song…who wouldn’t heard it several times before growing up cleaning up on Saturday mornings with my mother. Now down to biz..I met you in Houston a year or so ago at a mansion party and i spoke with you and told you that I was an up and coming artist. I know and understand that you have huge projects that you are working on and in the future..but if you could take the time (if you have any)and listen to my music and let me know what you think I would greatly appreciate it. You can hit me up on twitter @ijustwant2sing …I am following you already. I have followed your work for a very long time so it would be an honor and a priviledge to get some feedback. Thanks and keep making great, beautiful, timeless music.

  2. I bought All ‘n All the day it came out November 1977. I bought it on vinyl twice, CD two times & most of it again on Itunes plus I own the EWF box set w/ extended versions of some of the tracks. It is by far my favorite album. ” Fantasy ” is one of best recorded,arranged, mixed & produced songs also. EWF’s music changed my life.

    Ferrante Eric

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